Time for a Change – Web Traffic & Revenue Reports Will Have a New Look in June

When I post my next Web Traffic & Revenue Report (like this one: April Web Traffic and Revenue Report) in early June, it will have a new look. Rather than posting the two together, I’ll be separating them out into two different posts in order to expand the content of the post into a more relevant summary of the month, not only that, but I’ll also be hoping to increase my pageviews per visitor (see my previous article: Maximize Traffic – Increase Your Pageviews per Visitor)

Web Traffic Report

The first page of Web Traffic report will start with an outline of the previous months traffic stats as reported by Google Analytics outlining any highly obvious increases or decreases in traffic and/or referrals. Any and all consecutive pages will look at traffic details and specifics and try to break them down – Referring sources, search terms, pageviews per visit, etc.

Revenue Reports – Making Money Online

The first page of the Revenue Report will summarize how the month did compared to previous months, and what the key revenue sources were since I typically have 3 or more money making programs running on my site in any given month. The following pages will outline (from highest revenue to lowest) the money that I made from each source (advertising network, direct sales, etc.) and my opinion of whether the source is worth the time and effort to continue using. The final page of the Revenue Report will detail the totals for the month, revisit past goals and set future goals for this site.

If there is anything else that you’d like to see in these reports that you think I might be forgetting, simply visit my contact page and let me know what else you’d like to see.

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