Is Askimet Taking a Break? More Spam in My WordPress Blog

I love the Askimet plugin for WordPress, if I didn’t have that, I’d probably not even have a blog. Since I activated Askimet, it has caught 14,820 spam comments for me without a problem. But now, after a couple months of being great, I’m starting to see a little bit of a problem. In the last 6 hours, Askimet has let 8 spam comments slip through. And these weren’t just mild comments, these were the hardcore, nasty ass kinda text & links that you definitely don’t want to see on the frontend of your site. I need to update Askimet, or have the damn spammers just found a way to get around the Askimet plugin?

Nope, don’t need to update. I just checked the Askimet site and version 2.0 is the latest release of the plugin, so it looks like the spammers have just found a way to get a little tricky and get through the Askimet wall with new comments. Those dirty bitches.

2 thoughts on “Is Askimet Taking a Break? More Spam in My WordPress Blog”

  1. Askimet is absolutely the way to go since there are no good alternatives. Switching to moderating comments from new users keeps offensive comments from going live, but takes away a bit from the experience of first time commenters. I’ve been thinking about what would be a good message to use to explain to new commenters that their comment will go live soon and you aren’t censoring but simply preventing spam from going live.

  2. BUY XANAX! haha joke, just thought it would be appropriate for your article. Akismet is the way to go, use Bad Behavior too – but your right, spam bots are getting cleverer.

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