iPhone Monthly Rate Plans – Apple and AT&T Release Monthly Rate Plans for iPhone

Wireless service for the iPhone will range from $59.99 to $99.99 and will include 3 plans within that range. For $59.99 per month, you will get 450 minutes worth of iPhone talk time, for $79.99 you will get 900 minutes of iPhone talk time, and for $99.99 per month you will get 1,350 minutes worth of iPhone talk time… hardly seems worth the upgrade, you’d think that if you paid for the most expensive plan that they’d throw in a few extra minutes of talk time… maybe make it 1,500 minutes for $99.00 per month and a little 100 minute bonus for the $79.99 plan to make it 1,000 minutes worth of talk time on your iPhone.

All three iPhone rate plans include 200 text messages, unlimited data services (unlimited data will be a must for the iPhone), minutes that roll over month-to-month (classic Cingular wireless perk) and mobile-to-mobile calls. There also is a $36 activation fee for the iPhone. The Apple iPhone is expected to remove all other “smart phones” from the market with its easy to use interface and its simplistic touch screen design that only displays the buttons that you need.

Windows Vista Codec Package – Play AVI, FLV, MKV, MOD, MOV, MP4, MPG and Other Files

Having problems playing certain video files now that you’re using Windows Vista? Try installing the newest version of Windows Vista codec package.

About the codec package:
Many user suggested default settings are implemented. Vista Codec Package does not contain a media player. It does not associates filetypes. With this package installed you will be able to use any media player (limited only by the players capabilities) to play DVD’s, movies and video clips of any format. Streaming video (real and quicktime) is supported in web browsers.

Visit the homepage to get a 64bitAddon which enables xvid, divx and DVD playback in Vista’s MediaCenter.

Codecs have always been a pain in the butt. Vista Codec Package takes from the best, all the big name creators, several small guys too. Then I track down the latest updates and test their functionality. Next I compile all this into a single pack. All possible conflicts are already dealt with. Many user suggested default settings are implemented.

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Sick of iTunes Determining Gapless Playback? iTunes Replacement – Songbird

So ever since iTunes started hassling me with its “determining gapless playback information” garbage, I have been looking for a media player that would replace iTunes, but still support the iPod and other devices, while still giving me complete control over my music collection. That’s how I came across Songbird (www.songbirdnest.com)

Songbird is built on the Mozilla/Firefox platform and allows you to play music from your computer library, or it will let you play web-based streaming files as if they’re on your computer. It allows you to open up webpages within the media player and it displays a list of all media files below that you can click on to play and/or drag them to your computer to save them.

Songbird is very customizable like Firefox, they allow you to feather it (skin), plus there are numerous extensions and plugins that can be applied.

“And oy, there it is.” – listen for that line if you watch the screencast.

Get Songbird

Google Talk Not Displaying Currently Playing Music Track as Status Message

I’ve come to find out that my choice in music molds the choices of those closest to me on my Google Talk list. This morning when I turned on Windows Media Player, Google Talk wasn’t displaying my currently playing music track, so needless to say, this sent my following of geeks into an uproar. If your Google Talk application decides that it wants to pull this little stunt on you, you’ve got 2 options. 1. Install last.fm or 2. follow the instructions below:

  1. Open Windows Media Player
  2. Click all over while looking for a damn menu (I found mine on the bottom of the Now Playing tab)
  3. Select “More Options”
  4. Click on the “Plugins” tab
  5. Click on the “Background” category
  6. Make sure that Google Talk Music Plugin is selected

If that doesn’t work, repeat the same process, but unselect the Google Talk Music Plugin and save the changes, and exit out of Windows Media Player and Google talk. Then go back in and turn it back on, then open up Google Talk. You should be golden.

AT&T iPhone Rate Plans and iPhone Release Date

Now that the release of the iPhone has been slated for June 29th 2007, we can only start to speculate about the new rate plans that AT&T (Cingular) will be offering for the hottest cell phone to ever hit the market. I’d expect AT&T to try to make a killing off of the newest release from Apple, but it looks like their rate plans will be somewhat reasonable:

$39.99 a month for 450 minutes, unlimited mobile to mobile calling, and 5,000 night and weekend minutes. The data plans will start at $4.99 a month for 200 messages OR a $19.99 a month data plan for 200 messages plus unlimited Internet and Visual Voicemail.

Looks like you’ll be spending $60/month minimum in order to get yourself rolling on the iPhone with a sweet data plan and a little bit of calling capability. $20/month for an unlimited data plan would be great… I think that’s currently what people are paying for data usage on the Blackberry.

iPhone Release – Official iPhone Release Date and iPhone Cost

Apple has officially announced the release date of the iPhone to be June 29th, 2007. There have apparently been 3 separate advertisements displayed for the iPhone on the Apple website specifying that the iPhone would be released on June 29th. The new videos boast the feature rich functionality of the iPhone, and like all other Apple advertising, I’m sure the ads are enticing the masses to shell out $499 for the 4GB model (or $599 for the 8GB model) for a new phone.

Analysts have been quoted as calling the initial iPhone sales estimates “too low”, others estimate that Apple will sell upwards of 10 million iPhone units by year end. Either way, good sales or bad, I think that there is only one thing that the iPhone will do for Apple stock once it is released… You guessed it, Apple stock will likely continue to rise upon the release of the iPhone, so buy it now, then sit back and watch it grow.

You can checkout the three iPhone television ads here: http://www.apple.com/iphone/ads/

Windows Media Player Firefox Plugin

Awhile back, I officially converted from an Internet Explorer user to being a Firefox user. It had been a long time coming, as I always had both browsers installed on my computer, however I almost always used to use Internet Explorer for some reason. After awhile, I began using Firefox on occasion, and now it has worked its way into being my number one web browser.

The problem that I was having was that any Windows Media content (.wmv files) would not play, and unfortunately there was never an easy way to install a Windows Media Plugin for Firefox. That has now changed, there is a simple download available.

Windows Media Player Firefox Plugin Download

Just download the file, close your browser, and run the setup. Next time you open Firefox, you’ll be able to view Windows Media Files.

How to Make Money Online – May Earnings and Revenue Report

I had high hopes going into May after netting my largest monthly total ever during April. April brought me my first double-digit profit from Google Adsense in a single day, and May definitely did not disappoint in that category as I had 3 days with double-digit profits. May brought me both a higher and more consistent number of clicks per day as well as a higher and more consistent number of pageviews per day. My site has been moving in the right direction and the 3 advertising networks that I am currently using have complemented my site very well to this point.

At the end of May, I ended up switching out a couple of ad placements in hopes of increasing future earnings. Unfortunately this change was only live during May for 4 days, so I don’t think I’ll be able to see too much of an effect this month. One thing I did do was setup ad channels inside of Google Adsense and in Adbrite so that I could see how the ads in each section of my site were performing, and the results were interesting.

Web Traffic Report (May) – Unique Visitors and Pageviews Spike

Now that Google Analytics as a new reporting interface (see my article on Google Analytics New Reporting Interface), I’ll be slightly changing the format of my web traffic reports to use the new graphs and information. And thanks to the new Analytics interface, I’ll be able to get direct comparisons of this month to last with the built in comparison tool.

Looking at the graph of visits comparing May and April, it appears that my web traffic remained roughly the same (with the exception of a couple days which I’ll talk about more later). The number of pageviews and the number of visitors was roughly the same throughout the month as you can see in the two images below. The only exception was the small range of May 14th through May 16th that was caused by the upcoming release of the Halo 3 Beta – see Blog Traffic Spike – Halo 3 Beta Pitched My Tent

May Visits May Visits
May Pageviews May Pageviews

And, as always, a majority of my blog traffic came from search engines, while once again, less than 10% of my blog traffic… actually, less than 7% of my blog traffic came from direct visits (me) and referrals from other websites.

Now on to the actual numbers!