How to Make Money Online – May Earnings and Revenue Report

Of the three advertising networks that I use on this site, AdBrite came in during May as the least effective. This was surprising to me for three reasons. One is because I’ve been using AdBrite for quite some time, not just on this site, but on other sites as well. Two, AdBrite ads are not limited to any specific number per page (like Adsense ads) – if you look at my homepage, you’ll see this as there are about 10-15 468×60 AdBrite banners on the page, placed at the end of each article.

And three, of the advertising networks that I use on my site, AdBrite ads definitely had the most impressions as I was using AdBrite for my leaderboard 728×90 banner, and as an article footer for every article with the 468×60 banner. The AdBrite click-thru-rate must have been dismal, unfortunately, they don’t offer reporting that is as comprehensive as Adsense.

I used 3 different AdBrite sizes during May:

  • 728×90 leaderboard – displayed on every page
  • 468×60 banner – displayed on every page
  • 300×250 rectangle – displayed on some popular posts

Of the 3 ad placements, the leaderboard was the most successfull, netting me $13.01 during May. Being the largest banner of the 3, I would expect it to be the most successful, and because it had an optimal placement at the top of every page. I would actually expect this banner to have outperformed my other advertising networks due to its size and placement, however it did not. The next most successful ad placement was the 468×60 banner that was placed at the end of every post.

Again, I would have guessed that this placement would perform well, but my earnings from this placement were only $9.39. Last… and least, we have the AdBrite 300×250 ad placement that was placed on sporadic pages with no rhyme or reason – this was the least displayed ad and only netted me $1.48 on the month. I will definitely be considering the removal of the AdBrite 300×250.

6 thoughts on “How to Make Money Online – May Earnings and Revenue Report”

  1. If I were you, I’d start by changing all of your ads to match the colors of your site – make the ad links that brown/orange color and make the ad text the same as the body text of your page… then stuff them in where you think people will be the most likely to click on ’em! 😉

  2. That is certainly sound advice; and definitely worth the time to implement. Thanks my man, I’ll roll that out!

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