How to Make Money Online – May Earnings and Revenue Report

Now that we’ve decided on the least effective advertising network for this blog, lets focus on the two ad networks that I think can actually help you and your blog generate an income. 2nd place for earnings during May was Kontera. I really didn’t know what to expect from Kontera because I had just recently implemented it and really wasn’t all too familiar with it. The thing that I like about Kontera is that it is completely unobtrusive.

It uses what is already there in your blog – meaning, it doesn’t require you to allocate space for it. Kontera is a contextual advertising engine that “reads” your page and highlights terms with a link and a small popup block with an advertising message placed inside. Kontera is a must for any blog looking to generate revenue for two main reasons: One, it is very easy to implement, and two, as mentioned above, it is completely unobtrusive and works well with what you have. And for those of you who need a third option, Kontera is customizable. You can change the link color so that it matches the links within your blog. How could you not like it?

Making Money with Kontera

Kontera really surprised me during May. Not knowing what to expect from it, I can admit that I didn’t expect much. Kontera only had 2 days during May when earnings were less than one dollar. The other 29 days in May netted me an average of just over $2. This was helped by my huge traffic spike on May 16th where I made $15.39 on 200 clicks.

I was definitely impressed with Kontera and will continue to use it going forward. In total, Kontera logged 47,982 impressions and 923 clicks for a nearly 2% CTR (click through rate). My total revenue from Kontera was $66.81. Definitely worth the time of implementing it.

6 thoughts on “How to Make Money Online – May Earnings and Revenue Report”

  1. If I were you, I’d start by changing all of your ads to match the colors of your site – make the ad links that brown/orange color and make the ad text the same as the body text of your page… then stuff them in where you think people will be the most likely to click on ’em! 😉

  2. That is certainly sound advice; and definitely worth the time to implement. Thanks my man, I’ll roll that out!

  3. As it is said it was really unbelievable for me to hunt the treasures you are providing.Thanks for providing the right path to follow.As it provides money as for in hours,It’s really amazing…

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