Web Traffic Report (May) – Unique Visitors and Pageviews Spike

Now that Google Analytics as a new reporting interface (see my article on Google Analytics New Reporting Interface), I’ll be slightly changing the format of my web traffic reports to use the new graphs and information. And thanks to the new Analytics interface, I’ll be able to get direct comparisons of this month to last with the built in comparison tool.

Looking at the graph of visits comparing May and April, it appears that my web traffic remained roughly the same (with the exception of a couple days which I’ll talk about more later). The number of pageviews and the number of visitors was roughly the same throughout the month as you can see in the two images below. The only exception was the small range of May 14th through May 16th that was caused by the upcoming release of the Halo 3 Beta – see Blog Traffic Spike – Halo 3 Beta Pitched My Tent

May Visits May Visits
May Pageviews May Pageviews

And, as always, a majority of my blog traffic came from search engines, while once again, less than 10% of my blog traffic… actually, less than 7% of my blog traffic came from direct visits (me) and referrals from other websites.

Now on to the actual numbers!

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