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Awhile back, I officially converted from an Internet Explorer user to being a Firefox user. It had been a long time coming, as I always had both browsers installed on my computer, however I almost always used to use Internet Explorer for some reason. After awhile, I began using Firefox on occasion, and now it has worked its way into being my number one web browser.

The problem that I was having was that any Windows Media content (.wmv files) would not play, and unfortunately there was never an easy way to install a Windows Media Plugin for Firefox. That has now changed, there is a simple download available.

Windows Media Player Firefox Plugin Download

Just download the file, close your browser, and run the setup. Next time you open Firefox, you’ll be able to view Windows Media Files.

3 thoughts on “Windows Media Player Firefox Plugin”

  1. I still can’t listen to streaming radio. WMP will open on my firefox window, and it will sort of connecting.. but then stopped. Please help.

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