Windows Vista Codec Package – Play AVI, FLV, MKV, MOD, MOV, MP4, MPG and Other Files

Having problems playing certain video files now that you’re using Windows Vista? Try installing the newest version of Windows Vista codec package.

About the codec package:
Many user suggested default settings are implemented. Vista Codec Package does not contain a media player. It does not associates filetypes. With this package installed you will be able to use any media player (limited only by the players capabilities) to play DVD’s, movies and video clips of any format. Streaming video (real and quicktime) is supported in web browsers.

Visit the homepage to get a 64bitAddon which enables xvid, divx and DVD playback in Vista’s MediaCenter.

Codecs have always been a pain in the butt. Vista Codec Package takes from the best, all the big name creators, several small guys too. Then I track down the latest updates and test their functionality. Next I compile all this into a single pack. All possible conflicts are already dealt with. Many user suggested default settings are implemented.

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64 thoughts on “Windows Vista Codec Package – Play AVI, FLV, MKV, MOD, MOV, MP4, MPG and Other Files”

  1. I have a weird problem. If have the libraries set up on my Vista PC and Media Extender. I store my vids on a separate storage drive. I can play them from my Vista PC fine but they will only play on the extender IF I play them on the Vista PC first. Example…

    1) Media Extender: I select the movie from my library stored on a separate storage drive
    2) I get the following error no matter how many times I try to play it. “Cannot Play Video… The file type is not recognized and cannot be played. Either the correct codec blahblahblah… ”
    3) HOWEVER, if I then go to my Vista PC, select the same movie and let it play it at least a few seconds, stop and close it, then go back and select the same movie on my media extender and it suddenly work!

    Its almost as if it needs to be preloaded on the Vista machine first. This seems an unnecessary step to watch movies on my extender and am trying to figure out why this is happening. Any ideas???? Your help is appreciated.

  2. It seems to work on my flv files in WMP, but the software package has a virus hidden inside which McAfee caught – a worm by the name of zf.gen in renderer32.exe while running msiexec.exe. Hopefully it’s not one of those worms that keep popping up even though McAfee says it’s been removed…

  3. According to Trend Micro Internet Security, (my virus program) this has a trojan horse Mal_Naix-5 program with this download and is unable to clean. Down load at your own risk!!

  4. works perfectly, somehow I had this on another computer when I bought it, however, it would not work on this, great package, thanks!

  5. I Have Vista Home Premium. I have installed several different codecs in my system. I still can’t play Video TS Files using Vista’s Media Center say’s there’s no Files found. I used to use Win XP Media Center and it played them fine. Does anyone have any input on this I would greatly appreciate it.

  6. Please help me with selecting the right codec pack for my vista 32-bit pc I am having video streaming problems. Help!

  7. Hello,
    I installed the codec fix to play mov files in Vista and still canno play them. Any thoughts from anyone? Thanks.

  8. Hello,

    I’ve been trying to watch films using media player, but it keeps telling me a need a codec to watch them. I have windows Vista and I need an avi codec. Can anyone help?


  9. Hello, How can i get thumbnails view in Vista Windows Media Center for .MOD files?
    In Windows Explorer i see it, but in WMC not!
    Thanks in advance for the help.
    Mery Christmas and Happy New Year 2009 to all!

  10. try using KMPlayer. it has a problem of installing alryt but showing it didint install well.. install it.. and complete it. play the avi files and other mkv files in it right click on the files and select them open with ….
    it shld wrk fine.

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