Ready for the hottest movie of the summer? Maybe not the hottest, but it defnitely should be funny as hell Superbad from the creator of the 40 Year Old Virgin, Knocked Up and Talledega Nights comes Superbad… visit the site now to find out if you’re Superbad. Check out the Superbad official website and take a look at the movie trailers and the TV spots.

Some great quotes from the clips (you can also see them on YouTube)

  • “I heard she got breast reduction surgery” … “What?!?! That’s like slapping God across the face!”
  • “McLovin?” … “Great name, sounds like a sexy hamburger.”
  • “Do you have any bigger clothes, or do you only shop at Baby Gap?”
  • “What’d you do, lose him?” Completely out of breath & sucking wind, “He’s a freak… he’s the fastest kid alive… he’s the fastest kid alive.”

Looks like this movie is going to be a cross between the 40 Year Old Virgin and Knocked up, this time 3 geeky ass high school seniors have the quest of getting laid. The trailer is funny, the clips are funny, and I’m sure the movie will be just as funny as well. Seth Rogen (from 40 Year Old Virgin and Knocked Up) has yet to disappoint… he was meant to be in movies like this, and I’m sure will bring plenty of laughs once again.

Facebook Blows Up by Allowing Open Registration – Do You Have a Page?

Prior to September of 2006, you had to have a valid university email address in order to even register for Facebook. Now that Facebook has opened up registration to anyone and everyone, they have seen nearly 100% growth in their unique visitors from the same time last year. Will Facebook kill off Myspace? Wouldn’t that be great???

comScore, a leader in measuring the digital world released a study on the visitation to, which showed the site grew to 26.6 million unique visitors in the U.S. in May 2007, marking an 89-percent increase versus the same month last year. The dramatic growth comes on the heels of’s decision in September 2006 to open up registration to the general public, a change from the previous policy requiring a valid email address from a university or a selected group of secondary schools and businesses. Read more here: Facebook sees flood of new traffic from teenagers and adults

Disabling iTunes Determining Gapless Playback

Awhile back, I wrote this post: iTunes – Determining Gapless Playback Information and though it has worked for some people, I still get many complaints that it isn’t working for others. If this solution is not working for you, please comment on this post and include:

  1. The type of computer you’re using (PC or Mac)
  2. Version of the Operating System
  3. Version of iTunes
  4. Whether your songs are stored on your computer or on a network drive
  5. Any other information that might be useful

Together we’ll find a way to rid iTunes of Gapless Playback once and for all.

Buy a Piece of Real Estate – It Just Makes Sense

Have you ever found yourself stuck in between a rock and a hard place on whether you should buy or rent? Let me make it simple for you… BUY!!! Buying real estate just makes more sense. You get no benefits of renting when you have the option to buy, and this day in age the option to buy is always out there with some of the new innovative loan structures that companies offer. So if you’re looking to get your feet wet, here’s a good place to start get a piece of Asheville real estate, or Charlotte real estate. Want to know if this is actually a feasible option for you? Compare mortgage rates here.

Norwegian Hacker Claims to Have Unlocked the Apple iPhone

Less than a week after its release, a well known Norwegian hacker has claimed to have unlocked the iPhone. The unlock is partial in that it will only allow you to use the iPhone as a music player (widescreen iPod) and the wifi internet features. His current unlocked version of the software which is available on his website (So Sue Me – Jon Lech Johansen’s Blog) will not enable any phone capabilites on the iPhone. Once he’s able to make the iPhone work on other wireless networks, then I’ll seriously consider picking up an iPhone, but as for now, I’ll just stick with what I’ve got.

An Apple spokesperson, of course, advises against using the iPhone in this manner stating that, “it is necessary to activate the iPhone on AT&T’s network to ensure optimum performance. Using the phone without AT&T’s two-year service contract was unauthorized under the phone carrier’s exclusive network service contract with Apple,” and he continued with, “Any other use of the device is not authorized and we can’t guarantee the device will perform as intended to. We’ll monitor situations like this and if necessary we will take appropriate action. Our terms and conditions are very clear.”

Read more about the iPhone Independence Day

Save Money Online with CouponChief

Whenever I’m looking for a good deal online I always stop by, and when I’m looking to make those good deals even better, I look for coupons at Coupon Chief. Coupon Chief is your one stop shop to find all the current coupon codes for many of the biggest online stores, so check it out today –

Microsoft Recognizes the Xbox 360 Red Ring of Light Problem – Get Reimbursed if You Paid for Repairs

I don’t know how many people this has happened to (Broken Xbox 360 – Flashing Red Ring of Light), but the problem must have been widespread enough for Microsoft to have finally given in and publicly address the fact that faulty Xbox console repairs will be costing them $1 billion dollars this quarter. Microsoft has now announced that it will extend the warranty on the Xbox 360 to three years after too many of the consoles have had a “general hardware failure” problem that is apparently due to faulty manufacturing.

I’ve heard of a couple people having this problem with their Xbox 360 – and unfortunately, I’ve heard that some of them actually paid to have the repairs done. I guess I was one of the lucky people who either got my Xbox sent in during the original warranty, or one of the few who sent it in before Microsoft realized that it was going to be a big enough problem that it actually would be best for them to extend the warranty on the machines. It was also said that Microsoft will reimburse the small number of Xbox 360 owners who have paid for repairs and for shipping on their Xbox 360 consoles… as they should. Which reminds me… I think I had to pay for shipping, which cost me a fortune because the damn Xbox 360 weighs about 58 pounds, plus I added insurance of $400, plus I put it in an oversized box to ensure its safety. All things considered, I think I’m going to send Microsoft an invoice for about $150 for my shipping time and expense. Think they’ll go for it?

Amy Winehouse Drug Rehab – Amy Winehouse Says No, But Goes Anyway

In todays society drug and substance abuse and addiction is a very real thing, we see it everywhere – in our lives, in friends lives, and of course, all over the television with celebrities – like Amy Winehouse who admits her problem in her music, but she says, “No, no, no”. Stone Hawk has a unique way of treating drug abuse and addiction with their unique drug rehabilitation program. Stone Hawk uses no drugs or medications in the treatment of addiction, instead, the Stone Hawk program uses a combination of proper nutrition and nutritional supplementation to eliminate drug addiction and alcoholism. Success is achieved through social education which leads to a very high rate of drug addiction rehabilitation success.

I don’t wanna go to rehab…

Finance an iPhone – Can the less fortunate afford the top of the line iPhone?

Dell does it with computers – they let you purchase an eleven-hundred dollar machine and make monthly payments of anywhere from $30-$60 until the computer is paid off. I think it would make a ton of sense for AT&T to offer iPhone financing and iPhone payment plans for people who aren’t able to shell out five or six hundred dollars for a single phone. Lets say someone only wants to spend about $100 on a new phone – what AT&T needs to do is sign this person up on a new plan at $59.99/month and collect a $100 down payment on the phone – then just collect $20, $25, $30 per month or whatever it takes for however long it takes (an of course with a little interest stacked on top) to allow the new subscriber to pay off their brand new iPhone.

As of right now, it doesn’t seem like too many people are having any problems affording the Apple iPhone, but in a couple weeks or a couple months went the initial hype and craze wears off, financing options and monthly payment plans for the iPhone might be just the thing that will make it a feasible option for the masses.

I know, I’m just rambling, and finding a way to put Americans further into debt, but if I didn’t think up this solution, certainly someone else would. So spend on America… spend on… and stay tuned for a (in my opinion) soon to come Apple iPhone financing option.

What do you think? Would you finance an iPhone? Let’s hear your remarks!