Microsoft Recognizes the Xbox 360 Red Ring of Light Problem – Get Reimbursed if You Paid for Repairs

I don’t know how many people this has happened to (Broken Xbox 360 – Flashing Red Ring of Light), but the problem must have been widespread enough for Microsoft to have finally given in and publicly address the fact that faulty Xbox console repairs will be costing them $1 billion dollars this quarter. Microsoft has now announced that it will extend the warranty on the Xbox 360 to three years after too many of the consoles have had a “general hardware failure” problem that is apparently due to faulty manufacturing.

I’ve heard of a couple people having this problem with their Xbox 360 – and unfortunately, I’ve heard that some of them actually paid to have the repairs done. I guess I was one of the lucky people who either got my Xbox sent in during the original warranty, or one of the few who sent it in before Microsoft realized that it was going to be a big enough problem that it actually would be best for them to extend the warranty on the machines. It was also said that Microsoft will reimburse the small number of Xbox 360 owners who have paid for repairs and for shipping on their Xbox 360 consoles… as they should. Which reminds me… I think I had to pay for shipping, which cost me a fortune because the damn Xbox 360 weighs about 58 pounds, plus I added insurance of $400, plus I put it in an oversized box to ensure its safety. All things considered, I think I’m going to send Microsoft an invoice for about $150 for my shipping time and expense. Think they’ll go for it?

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