Disabling iTunes Determining Gapless Playback

Awhile back, I wrote this post: iTunes – Determining Gapless Playback Information and though it has worked for some people, I still get many complaints that it isn’t working for others. If this solution is not working for you, please comment on this post and include:

  1. The type of computer you’re using (PC or Mac)
  2. Version of the Operating System
  3. Version of iTunes
  4. Whether your songs are stored on your computer or on a network drive
  5. Any other information that might be useful

Together we’ll find a way to rid iTunes of Gapless Playback once and for all.

100 thoughts on “Disabling iTunes Determining Gapless Playback”

  1. Just keeping this thread alive, I really wish apple would fix this. I read other sites with tons of people having issues and then having to listen to all the fanboys saying just to let it run and that nothing is wrong…. apple does no wrong. I have a read only smb share over a 10/100 connection on a snapserver and it just destroys my machine at one location. At my other location I have a gigibit connection with a linux server hosting my music as a ro share and have the exact same issue.

  2. I completely agree Nate. I have a Windows Media Center PC as my music server and it destroys my entire network when I try to connect via my desktop or laptop.

    Apple really just need to ad a Checkbox in the the preferences:
    Use Gapless Playback: (YES) (NO)

    It’d really be that easy.

  3. And I do appreciate the idea of Gapless Playback, however, 99.9% of the time, I play my music library on shuffle, so gapless playback never even comes into effect. What a waste.

  4. let it run?? that’s nuts – i have 70,000 plus tracks on a network share qnap file server… pulling down that kind of traffic over our network basically HOGS the network traffic allotment for the whole house… so everyone elses internet, and file sharing is dead slow… as is everything else i am doing on the network..

    stupid.. they need to fix this… i tried the select all fix – i found the gapless item on the options page of the get info.. if anyone is looking for its new home. course now i have to watch it reprocess 70000 songs w. that check..

  5. Even better, how about not having use this piece of junk software at all? I’ve grown to despise the way Apple does business.

  6. I didn’t have this problem until iTunes 8.2. I have spent the last two days trying everything. Completely uninstalling/reinstalling, selecting all and setting gapless to “no” (didn’t solve my problem “PERMINANTLY,” Brendan, but I’m glad it worked for you…)
    I’m on a MacBook, 2 GHz Intel Core Duo, 2 GB memory running 10.4.11

    I have about 20,000 tracks in my iTunes folder on an external drive.

    I have let the “Determining” go on for several hours. It seems to be working until about track 13,000, at which point it decides it doesn’t want to do any more determining and the only thing to do is to force quite. And the next time I start up iTunes, it goes back to track number 1 and begins the process again.

    I find Songbird to be a resource hog and it often quits unexpectedly. I need an alternative application or a fix to this problem. I can’t listen to music! I wish VLC had better library management…

    Anybody figure this out yet?

  7. Hey all,

    I’ve been working for Apple for the past 5 months now and beleive the company to be generally good all up. We all need to keep in mind they are a business and as a business they conduct business to make money for said business to make money they have to provide a product which makes them money. They will figure out every “genius” way to do that I’m sure (pun intended). Apples feedback lines are watched and utilised @ http://www.apple.com/feedback/ so use it guys. You may not get your request tomorrow, but it’ll happen if enough people speak up.

    I have to say this though… yes… Apple will occasionally do things that seem… well… selfish and from a consumers point of view, point of view dependant… said actions may also seem a little illogical. But we dont know whats going on behind those closed doors so lest we look foolish I suggest we stick to the facts.

    So… with that said… I agree with everyone here about the Gapless Playback thing in iTunes. It’s a bit silly I must admit. I dont have much of anything to do with program development, I’m just a tech solutions guy for iPhone in Australia for APAC region.

    I’m running a media server in the lounge with around 10k in songs on it. Every time I try to load up my library on my laptop in my room it goes through Gapless Playback. I’m on a wireless N connection on a Billion router and it’s just ridiculously slow. I also agree that Apple does need to include a watch folder, it’s pretty standard, and they need to stop this nonsense about Gapless playback being automated without the option to switch off. I too use shuffle so it’s pretty redundant.

    But… knowing Apples business model as I do, they’ve always liked their products to be held in this safe little bubble. This has the effect of being both a blessing and a curse at the same time in so far as being a little near sighted sometimes. I had a recent experience with Netgear which I wont get into but suffice to say it was less than pleasant. Comparing it to Apples support , processes and policies we’re god damn legends in our right I must admit.

    I know companies sometimes screw up, and I’m sure there’s a team somewhere over in Apple Cupertino who thought that including Gapless Playback was the best invention since the wheel and that we’d all love it. Unfortunately they didn’t have the foresight to see it was gonna cause this. I know it’s hard guys but try not to think of companies like Apple as big faceless corporations with scary teeth out to get you. They’re not. There’s people working there like you and me trying to make a living, coming up with good ideas to wow the boss and increase customer satisfaction. Sure they want your money. They’re a business… thats what they do. Businesses that dont want your money are called Charities. I know from the inside Apple does actually care a lot about their customers. They train me to care every day and they pull me up if I sound like I dont. Their policies internally are very easy to use to make customers happy. I’ve worked for heaps of companies that say they do care but dont back it up with something tangible. You cant please all the people all the time. Thats why we have free choice. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to find the right person to talk to… but I’ll see if I can.

    I’m just a pleb… but… y’never know.

    May the light illumine you…


  8. This “determining gapless playback information” is driving me INSANE!
    I want to stop it — I even bought a new, state of the art ultra fast PC to speed it up -which helped, but not enough- and like the author of the article I find it ridiculous that Apple hasn’t implemented a simple switch ON/OFF for this.

    I’m currently in the process of moving my library to SongBird. It took a little tweaking with plugins to get it to my liking, but now it really whoops iTunes’ behind.

  9. This gapless playback thing has got to be fixed ASAP. I can’t even use my itunes anymore! I have 62,000 on an external HD. Everytime I try to create a new playlist in itunes and add music to the playlist from my extrenal HD… the F*CKING GAPLESS PLAYBACK SH*T starts and then my itunes freezes up.

    It happens over and over. I can’t even get song from my external HD to my F*CKING IPHONE!!!

    What THE F*CK?!

    I AM PI$$ED RIGHT NOW! I have an iphone and can’t even use the ipod because itunes S*CKS!!!!!!

  10. Sighs, ok- I’ve tried everything- nothing is working- (stupid spinning becah ball) so I’m going to try something crazy- I’ve got nothing to loose- I have all of my music backed up on disc anyway. 5K + songs- so I’m willing to try anything at this point- no matter what choice combinations I’ve tried – sellecting all songs and turning gapless off- enabling crossfade- nothing works- everytime I activate iTunes- its starts all over again as if I made no changes to my preferences. The only thing I HAVENT tried is telling iTunes that all the songs in the library are gapless. So I’m trying that. I don’t pretend to be a computer wizard- I’m just a crazy guy willing to try anything at this point- because all my music is saved on disc. We’ll see what happens.

  11. Like poster #57 said, I emailed apple about my displeasure with the gapless playback feature of itunes.

    I don’t expect to hear anything back fro mapple or really even do anything about the obvious problem.

    It’s too bad companies don’t take customer feedback seriously.

    I will never buy another apple product again.

  12. I might have a solution but not sure if it works since while my script was working (at night), itunes finished its gapless work… Anyway, I think the problem is that i) itunes does NOT actually write the tag saying it should not care about gapeless (it does write the tag when it should care, but not when it should NOT => it always care!) and ii) if you change that tag outside of itunes – through some tools – you have to reload your lib to take in account the new tag setting.

    In my case, user of a NAS, I decided to directly update the tags on my ReadyNas box instead of remotely (much faster). Hence I installed eye3D (apt-get install eye3D) and then, from my music folder, executed:

    find . -name ‘*.mp3’ -type f -print0 | xargs -0 eyeD3 -c eng:iTunPGAP:0

    feedback welcomed.

  13. I have the same problem after upgrading to itunes 9 and it is VERY annoying… I have a network share and two macs with itunes 9 making use of the same library on the share and when one is finished with determining i start up the aother and ik goes from scratch again and again and again….

  14. Here is a workaround that should work for everyone with source files on a network, with relatively modern hardware:

    Ensure that the client and server, be it NAS or another computer, are temporarily connected directly to a Gigabit (1000BT) Ethernet switch. That means that the hardware on both ends of the connection, as well as the switch, should be Gigabit capable. If one side is not, that the connection will be as slow as the slowest link. The switch I used is a Netgear GS105NA.

    In determining gapless playback, it is moving large amounts of data over the network and analyzing. Gigabit is much faster than even 802.11n, and you will notice that the rate at which each song is processed is much improved in the iTunes window.

    If you use a bandwidth monitor like iStat, you will see how much data is being moved, so you want to use the fastest network possible when you have 10s of GBs of data to transfer. It is moving about 40 MB/s = 320 Mbps over Gigabit. Over 802.11n, it moves about 7 MB/s = 56 Mbps. That is about 5-6X faster with Gigabit.

    Woe to anyone trying this over an even slower WiFi connection like g or b. If your hardware is only capable if 100BT (Fast Ethernet), the speed will not be any better than 802.11n, and likely worse, since theoretical transfer rates (100 Mbps) result in much lower actual real world rates, like 20 Mbps, due to various expected things like overhead, protocol efficiency, etc. that affect all physical network connections.

    Once you are on Gigabit, you will see iTunes responsive even while performing the gapless playback analysis. The beach ball is gone, and the menus are functional.

    Make sure you disable your Airport connection once you plug in your ethernet cable so you force iTunes to find the new connection. You can even experiment by switching connections by plugging/unplugging the cable and enabling/disabling AirPort in real time to see how iTunes behaves.

    When finished with the initial library import, then move the client back to your Wi-Fi or other slower connection, since it shouldn’t need to determine gapless playback after the intial determination. Your normal slower connection is perfectly fine for playing a track at a time and other normal activities.

    The practical results of this are reducing what looked like was literally going to take a few days to transfer/analyze somewhat less than 10000 high quality mp3s into about an hour or so to complete. The final 87 GB of my tracks transferred during that time over the GbE connection–it had spent over 15 hours or so trying to transfer the first 25 GB of this folder over the AirPort connection.

    This was done with iTunes 9 and a brand new MBP on one end, and an over 2 year old MBP on the “server” end using AFP file sharing.

    So even though the data transfer is 5-6X faster, it appears that the iTunes code is not written in a way to allow for network delays. Even with a slower network connection, it shouldn’t be this slow and result in the application hanging with a beach ball if the code were written properly, so it would seem that this they need to look at how the code is written on a synchronous/asynchronous basis perhaps. Therefore, if your hardware on all ends are not GbE capable, you may want to consider upgrading hardware, try Songbird or other alternative, wait for days for the import to finish, or hope for Apple to fix their code.

  15. The solution is easy. I download audio books and audio magazines all the time and bought a Sony Walkman to listen to them. Saves about four hours a week of iPhone down time.

  16. Hello!

    I too have been having similar experiences with “Determining Gapless…”, but my circumstances sound unique compared to most who have posted in this thread. I actually found a resolution to my problems, so I figured I’d share my experiences in the hopes that it might help some others out. First, my setup…

    Macbook Pro 15″
    OS X Snow Leopard
    iTunes 9.02

    My problems were as follows… any time I would add a track, it would go through the dreaded “determining..” but for some reason it was only a relatively small handful of songs (about 80) and they were always the same songs. I am a DJ, and I use the software “Serato” and I use iTunes to organize my playlists and music library, so as you can imagine, I do frequent tagging of songs. In addition, I use software called “Mixed in Key” which determines the BPM & the key in which the song was composed and adds info into the comment field of the ID3 header. The reason I mention this is because this is how I discovered my solution. I noticed that SOME of the songs that I had analyzed with MIK didn’t properly update the comment field, so I went to manually enter the information in them and on some of the songs, was completely unable to, which indicated to me that the songs were locked or my user did not have the appropriate permissions. Upon, finding the songs in question in finder, I verified that I had the correct permissions, returned to iTunes only to continue to have the same problems.

    The solution: I know this might sound even too basic, but I simply right clicked each song in question and chose “create mp3 version” and then deleted the original. After doing this a number of times, I was then able to update the ID3 headers and noticed these songs were no longer being listed in “determining gapless..” until eventually I had tracked down every single one. I am now officially un-plagued and happily adding music and tagging as intended.

    Final thoughts: One thing I noticed was the files I was having problems with were not purchased, rather, downloaded from specific producers directly as demos. I followed up with them and found an interesting tidbit of info. Each of them were using PC’s to create their mp3s. So perhaps the way WXP attaches permission attributes to the files was MY root cause. I have a feeling this may help some people out there having an issue similar to mine. For all those others whose iTunes is attempting to scan their entire library, try resetting permissions on your tracks and ensuring that your user and perhaps even “everyone” has both read & write.

    Good luck to all and Cheers.

    – Sev aka HxdB

  17. hi, i’m responding to inconspicious and hxdb,

    Mac OS X 10.4.11
    Itunes 9.0.2
    Tracks stored on computer

    I tried first selecting all and checking the box to stop determining
    it didn’t seem to make any difference.

    I’ve tried to understand what is being said in the post above mine where the person seems to have fixed the problem. Mine doesn’t seem to want to run through the whole library either, its about 1200 tracks. but i tried to do what hxdb said about changing to mp3 files, but it seems like when i right click it wants to create aac versions not mp3 versions. Help? I don’t know what to do this problem is driving me mad!

  18. I too am having the same problems with the Gapless playback issue.
    Will try some of the fixes posted here once my re-installed library finsihes counting up/ 120k files on 1TB external using SATA-E/ Airport Express/Airfoil registered.
    The work around I have been using is to only load the files I want on my iTouch into iTunes, and put the remainder into Winamp. Thats where the Airfoil comes in handy as it allows for wireless steaming to my Airport Express with other software besides iTunes ( but not Zune ). It works well but there is definately some lag when making audio adjustments in Winamp, but acceptable.
    Had a 80 GB Classic and it stopped sending audio out , everything alse worked fine. I never dropped it even once , had a hard case for it and it went dead after only 2 years.
    I will retunr the iTouch before the warranty runs out just in case Apple Timed Capsuled this puppy too.
    To bad Apple
    S*** m* o** MF

  19. Some times creating an AAC version of the song in Itunes helps, not to mention, you can decrease the size of the song.

  20. To disable the Gapless problem.

    Open Itunes
    Select EDIT
    select SELECT ALL


    That should do it!

    DELL 1525
    ITUNES 9

  21. i have this problem with ONLY mp3s. aac files process as fast as it can redraw the interface.

    i timed its progress on mp3s and for my ~20000 song collection i determined it was going to take something like 800 years.

    selected all mp3s, get info, part of a gapless album: NO. restarted itunes, it has immediately resumed its glacial DISK BLAST!!! pausing once in a while to redraw the interface but consuming practically all of my computing resources with the broken gapless playback detection.

    this is new behavior in itunes 10. i skipped over 9 because it was so nasty and unstable that it would never run on my factory-fresh win 7 installs. never had this problem in 8.

    this software is embarrassingly bad.

  22. My PC runs on Windows Vista. I have an external HD with an 80,000 + song list. I have been using iTunes for a while now and never had this problem until now. This stupid “determining gapless playback” is SOOOO FRUSTRATING! It seems as though the gapless playback just starts up on random groups of songs or albums every time I turn on my iTunes. Then it runs infinitely.

    I can’t get anyone from apple to return my phone calls or emails regarding a solution or help.

    Does anyone know of a solution yet?

  23. I contact Itunes support about this and they don’t want to help me and actually told me that they don’t support Itunes!

    They wanted to charge me 29.99 for IPOD support even though nothing was wrong with my IPOD! I want them to freaking support the software package that they wrote. I shouldn’t have to pay 29.99 to talk to them about an IPOD issue when the issue is this “Itunes Gapless Playback Information” mess that they created.

    I’m about ready to dump them and try a 3rd party program over this. Itunes has become way to junk cluttered anyway…seems like it wants to do EVERYTHING but just play my music.

  24. To disable the Gapless problem

    Open iTunes
    Select EDIT
    select SELECT ALL

  25. Not sure if this is worth anything but i had the same problem where the gapless feature would run, and run, slowing down everything including system functionality. Meanwhile duplicates were growing at the same time. If you are manually importing songs to your iTunes folder do not place in the “Automatically Add to iTunes” folder. just place your music in the music folder and add to your library through the file menu. Seemed to fix my issue.

  26. This is driving me MAD!!! I need to import 15,000 songs and I am not allowed to because a programme is forcing the computer (Mac OS) to determine gapless playlists or such nonsense. Why is this not the case for 3rd party programmes? I don’t want it to do this!! Haven’t I paid enough to be given a modicum of choice in how I use this? And I’m forced to use itunes because I need to transfer the songs. This i like google- forcing its ridiculous and fascist approach onto its own users without showing any care for what they have to say.

  27. Problems started when the mp3s were moved from the PC hard disk onto network attached storage (Netgear ReadyNAS). The move slowed down importing songs into the iTunes library and determining gapless playback to unacceptable and unusable speeds. Changing the connections from wireless to ethernet cable restored performance and now iTunes works fine with the NAS.

  28. I too have this horrible problem and of course it gets worse every time tracks are added to my library.

    Just to be clear, the solution proposed variously above and elsewhere:

    “To disable the Gapless problem

    Open iTunes
    Select EDIT
    select SELECT ALL

    will NOT help. That setting tells iTunes how to deal with the tracks when it plays them (it prevents any crossfade). iTunes however keeps checking the tracks to establish their “gapless” status and this is the dreaded “determinig gapless playback information” step – it is not affected by any user defined setting.

  29. 3.2Ghz XP SP3 w/ 4Gb. 1Tb C: drive, 500Gb d: drive 500gb D: swap file on E (3GB)s. iTunes library on D:. Defragged using OO 12 geforce 5900 ultra GPU,

    Machine handles everything including video editting fine and speedy

    Gapless playback locks machine out for hours (14 hours last time) at a time making it useless for anything else. Syncing iPhone takes 2 days.

    iTunes is shite

  30. I have been an iProduct hater for years, and iTunes converted me… when I actually gave it a try late last year, I loved it. Until I realized the “gapless playback” shite was never going to change.

    Get your shite together, Apple. >:^[]

  31. Looking closely at hxdb’s suggestions, I started to analyze each of the tracks that iTunes kept repeatedly “determining gapless information” and realized that for each of them, iTunes could not properly read the file. The song was 3-4 mins long, but iTunes only reported 30-40 seconds.


    I fixed the files (converted to different format, used tools, or outright deleted them) and viola, no more determining gapless!

    Hope this works for some of you

  32. Running version 10. something on Windows 7. There are over 8,000 songs in the library. It kept hanging on the 3rd song it tried to analyze. After searching through forums and not getting anything to work, I went to the Itunes website. It said to move your library file to your desktop (I just renamed it) and then import your folders one at a time back into a new library until you get to the song that causes the hang (Itunes does the gap analysis when importing songs). I knew that 1 folder at a time would take forever, so I did about 10. I was able to find the 3 files that were causing the problem. I could only see the beginning part of the name of the song, but it was enough to be able to search through the folders I attempted to import. All 3 songs were in the same album and thankfully in one of the first few folders. I removed the songs from the folder (they were not a necessity so I did not bother to try to convert them to a different format), closed Itunes, renamed the new library, and changed the name of the original library back.

    When I opened Itunes, it went through the gap check process without any problems. After allowing it to go through once, it no longer checks when I open Itunes.

  33. 1. The type of computer you’re using (PC or Mac)

    2. Version of the Operating System

    Windows 7
    3. Version of iTunes
    version 10.2.1

    4. Whether your songs are stored on your computer or on a network drive
    I’m guessing an external is a network drive?

    5. Any other information that might be useful
    It’s only certain songs and I’ve tried everything. cleaning them, changing formats, etc. and still iTunes freezes and ctrl/alt/delete and the task manager tells me that iTunes isn’t responding and I have to close it… I’m at my wits end, please please please if you any solutions to this stupid problem! Please email me: katrina@burchweb.net

  34. Hi,

    Just wanted to drop by and say that I’m running iTunes on an overclocked Intel 980c running at over 4Ghz. That’s 6 HT cores, so 12 cores total. I’m running a SSD OS drive and an 8TB data array across 4 2TB SATA 3 HDDs.

    Music files are stored on an NAS, computer has 2 network ports to the NAS, there’s about 16,000 assorted MP3, FLAC etc music files (converted whenever required to local AAC)

    and I’ve been watching ‘Determining Gapless Playback Information’ for about 2 days now

    iTunes is shit

  35. My Solution. Uninstall itunes, get third party app. Reinstall itunes and turn off automatic add to library. itunes only good for updating iphone, backup. Complete shit for music over NAS.

  36. Mine is bad, but i guess it’s kinda bearable. I have almost 70,000 songs on an external USB 2 1 TB HD, and the lag for the gapless playback is about 5 minutes. i wish it can dissapear altogether, but i guess thats hard for me due to the volume of songs. oh, and most of the time the lag is happening is when i add songs to my library.

  37. I still have the same gapeless playback info $#!* on my system. I have a Mac g4 Running Mac Leopard darwin kernel. I have tried going through each song and selecting the check box nex to “part of gapless playback” and selecting No. I have tried selecting all songs at once and basically doing the same thing. In one post someone said run Mp3val. It ran the sudo in terminal to no avail. Nothing is working. Please help

  38. Oh my itunes is 10.2.2. My songs are on an external hard drive. But, I have tried putting the songs on my mac drive and changing the location for all my songs. It does the GP on startup of the app for the first time and anytime I download a new mp3 from the web and add it. Some of the songs are downloaded some bought right from itunes and some ripped on my computer from cds I own.

  39. and this still isn’t fixed?

    either by Apple or by a third-party workaround?

    iTunes is useless for large libraries, even more useless for large libraries on a network drive.

    For shits and giggles I let an older macbook no longer in use go through this step recently for a 150GB 25k song library. 24/7 took 12 days to process album artwork and gapless playback info. And these were all files that had already been in an itunes library so presumably already had header info written, album art embedded, etc.

    2 WEEKS

    needless to say, I’m not using itunes on my main computer.

  40. Had the same problem when I purchased my iPhone 4. Wanted to put some music on it but the music files were on my 8 year old iMac (10.4.11 but I needed a more recent operating system). Tried a wireless transfer of music files and the fun began. Determining Gapless ……blah,blah,blah.
    Then I tried making a back up disc of some of the music on my iMac through iTunes. I imported the music to my wife’s PC from the backup disc and I never saw the Glapless message again. EVER!
    Using up a couple of DVD-R’s is nothing compared to not having that message every time iTunes starts up.

  41. Hey, I see this is a long standing issue. I recently updated itunes and it started freezing on launch. I created a new library that worked long enough to let me restore my ipod, then started freezing on “determining gapless playback information.” I don’t have time to start clicking around to change settings before it freezes.

    I now have an empty ipod and apparently no way to load it up with songs. It’s a fourth generation nano, so not the newest I realize, but I hate the redesigned nano and am not getting a new one until they make it good again.

    Can anyone recommend some good third party software? I am so done with itunes. I tried Floola but it’s so outdated it was just as much a disaster as itunes. I am seeing suggestions for Media Monkey and Yamipod, any others? Which is best?

  42. Just bought an external HD to run iTunes between my powermac and my macbook. Took 2.5 days to figure out how to run iTunes on the external HD and lost all my playlists, all well :) Finally got it working but whenever I switch the hardrive to the other computer to run iTunes, iTunes itself goes through all 13k of my songs to determine gapless playback. A little browsing and I see no easy solutions.

    I’m gonna make a new iTunes library on my external HD and select only a thousand of my favorite and most played songs to go on that library that way my iTunes will only determine gapless playback for 1k songs instead of 13k songs which will hopefully take a 1/13th of the time. The downside is not having my whole library. Also it’s probably not going to be much fun managing new music & media: if i’m running my newer smaller library and i want to add new music from a cd or the internet well then my newer smaller library will contain music that my main library collection does not contain. I foresee these libraries eventually turning into a “my old iTunes” and “my new iTunes” sort of thing until this gapless playback issue is resolved.

    Also, apple makes a 160GB ipod. Although I would rather play my music through iTunes I could just run all my music off an iPod instead of reconnecting my external HD. I still have to update my iPod but I would be reconnecting my external HD a lot less and running iTunes a lot less.

    This all seems messy and expensive. Where is the easy solution. This thread started in 2007. Why can’t iTunes just remember where all the gaps go? From Apple “Gapless playback means that there is no pause in playback between the end of one audio file and the beginning of the next audio file. This allows for playback of content with no gaps the way it was meant to be heard.” But I think all of us would rather hit the skip button on our iTunes or our iPod to go over these gaps of non-music instead of having iTunes determining gapless playback.

  43. Janet, just to counterpoint. I let the gapless analysis ru through and complete multiple times and it never stopped doing it.

    Thanksfuly now I’ve extracted myself from Apple and so this problem is rectified for me. Android doesn’t need to do anything like this.

    Looking back, I hated everyday that I had that bloody Apple 3GS phone and that godawful iTunes.

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