Norwegian Hacker Claims to Have Unlocked the Apple iPhone

Less than a week after its release, a well known Norwegian hacker has claimed to have unlocked the iPhone. The unlock is partial in that it will only allow you to use the iPhone as a music player (widescreen iPod) and the wifi internet features. His current unlocked version of the software which is available on his website (So Sue Me – Jon Lech Johansen’s Blog) will not enable any phone capabilites on the iPhone. Once he’s able to make the iPhone work on other wireless networks, then I’ll seriously consider picking up an iPhone, but as for now, I’ll just stick with what I’ve got.

An Apple spokesperson, of course, advises against using the iPhone in this manner stating that, “it is necessary to activate the iPhone on AT&T’s network to ensure optimum performance. Using the phone without AT&T’s two-year service contract was unauthorized under the phone carrier’s exclusive network service contract with Apple,” and he continued with, “Any other use of the device is not authorized and we can’t guarantee the device will perform as intended to. We’ll monitor situations like this and if necessary we will take appropriate action. Our terms and conditions are very clear.”

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