Call of Duty 4 Beta Release Date – Time and Date of COD 4 Beta Release

As of today, 8/13/2007 the release date for the Call of Duty 4 Beta has not yet been specified, though the release date of the full game is specified as October 30, 2007. They’d better hurry, because there isn’t too much time left between now and the actual release date. The much anticipated Call of Duty 4 will be available in beta form just like Halo 3 was, however trying to bite a Halo 3 gimmick will not guarantee the Call of Duty empire any more success.

Sounds like you have to register at Charlie Oscar Delta, and then an email will be sent out to those who registered. Then the beta will be issued on a first come first serve basis. Kinda lame for those of us who have a life.

The following has been taken from Charlie Oscar Delta (

Charlie Oscar Delta is your Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Multiplayer (MP) BETA headquarters. Check it out! We’ve included all of the pertinent details for the sampling of MP action that you will experience in the COD4:MW Xbox 360 Public MP BETA. This is also where you will get an opportunity to join the COD4:MW MP BETA…and that opportunity will come sooner than you think.

Don’t worry, we’ll give you plenty of warning. Look for an update here in BETA headquarters. We’ll also throw an announcement into SITREP and add a countdown clock on our homepage.

To be eligible for a token-you must be 18 years of age or older, punctual and capable of answering three trivia questions correctly. Yes, punctual. To be fair, we’re doling out the tokens on a first come first serve basis. We’re still finalizing plans for where the Beta will be available. Initially, in order to get underway we’ll be rolling-out in the United States. As soon as we’re able to confirm which other countries are good to go we’ll be back to update everybody.

For now, dig into the details below. We organized all the information into two sections-Intel and FAQ. They outline everything you need to know, from how to download the BETA to what awaits you once you do. Stay tuned for more information.

20 thoughts on “Call of Duty 4 Beta Release Date – Time and Date of COD 4 Beta Release”

  1. No need to pre-order this game. Shelves will be full…

    Looks like they’re trying to rush and release it before Halo3! Up until the release of Halo3, there will be tons of people playing online, then once Halo3 is released, the Call of Duty battlefield will be a ghost town. The only way to get a game will be to call all of your friends over and have them play at your house, but they won’t want to come over because they’ll be at home playing Halo3.


  2. You said it’s lame to register if you have a life? Are you fucking kidding me? Look at the amount of time it took you to write this post. It would take about an 1/8th of the amount of time it took you to write this. You’re a moron.

  3. Halo 3 is going to Blow. It’s hardly different at all, and I dont see how people even play that gets boring after about 2.5 minutes.

  4. I think it’s better on PC than 360, i tried it on 360 but i think gamepads and FPS don’t go well. Mouse+keyboard is the way.

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