iPhone Unlocked and Being Used on T-Mobile Network

Since the release of the iPhone, hackers have been trying to unlock the phone so that it could be used on networks other than that of the exclusive carrier – AT&T.

Well after a few weeks of waiting, this geek has figured it out.

Geek unlocks Apple iPhone for use on T-Mobile wireless network.

He claims it just took a bunch of energy drinks, and now, his iPhone displays the T-Mobile service on the screen rather than AT&T.

Unlocked Apple iPhone being used on T-Mobile wireless network. Power through anything with enough caffeine.

He had started an eBay auction for the unlocked iPhone, but after having received too many false bids, he decided to trade the phone:

Terry Daidone, the founder of Certicell contacted me this morning, and offered to make a trade for the iPhone. I traded it for a sweet Nissan 350Z and 3 8GB iPhones. I will be sending the iPhones, unlocked if they wish, to jpetrie(the first donater), gray(the reversing genius), and iProof(who is truly amazing at finding stuff online) Thanks a lot everyone. I leave for college tomorrow, and this has been a great end to a great summer. If I ever do anything more with the iPhone, it’ll definitely be posted here. Also I contacted iphonesimfree and offered to verify on this blog their claims of a software unlock. No response yet…

Now, you won’t have to cancel your current contract if you’re with T-Mobile (like me) and you won’t have to use iTunes to activate the phone. Keep up the good work dorks!!!

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