This site may harm your computer – Google and Combine to Kill Web Traffic

I’ve had this personal blog site running for about a year now, and thanks to Google and all of the tools they offer, I have been able to monetize it. Most of my traffic (in the past) had come from Google and over the life of the site the traffic has grown every month.

Recently, September 14th to be exact (we’ll call it G-Day… the day when Google decided to stop all inbound traffic for me) I noticed that my traffic had slowed to about 25% of what it had typically been, and after doing a little bit of research, I noticed that the reason was this little bit of text that Google decided to display next to search results without any warning. That little piece of text?

This site may harm your computer.

This site may harm your computer.

3 thoughts on “This site may harm your computer – Google and Combine to Kill Web Traffic”

  1. They did the same thing to my site! This site is an anti-tobacco site and I wonder why they are trying to destroy an informational site? Is big tobacco funding this?
    I would like to have some questions answered as to why you are trying to discredit a site that has given free information since 2004???
    I can’t believe this!!!
    My site does not have spyware or malware.

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