This site may harm your computer – Google and Combine to Kill Web Traffic

Obviously, Google is the largest search engine known to man, and it only continues to get bigger. Adding this “disclaimer” to the search results for my site have absolutely killed the amount of traffic that I am receiving from Google, and this is why:

Despite the disclaimer by Google, if someone wants to go ahead and visit my site anyway, upon clicking on the main link, Google does not redirect the user to the site, instead the redirect the user to the following page, on which, there are no clickable links allowing the visitor to actually visit my site. The only clickable links on the interstitial page will take you to or back to the original search results page so that you can click on another listing.

This site may harm your computer. Warning Interstital.

Here’s what sucks – I received no warning, or information from Google or from about what on my site was causing the problem. I understand that there are sites out there that try to install spyware or trojans on visitors computers, but this is a personal blog. I’m not trying to infect users with any badware. If by accident a link slipped through a comment, or a 3rd party advertisement had a link to a site with badware on it, send me a message! Let me know about it so that it can be resolved. Don’t just shun me from all the traffic I had been receiving through organic search results.

Problem solved. If you had or have this same problem, continue reading to see the solution.

3 thoughts on “This site may harm your computer – Google and Combine to Kill Web Traffic”

  1. They did the same thing to my site! This site is an anti-tobacco site and I wonder why they are trying to destroy an informational site? Is big tobacco funding this?
    I would like to have some questions answered as to why you are trying to discredit a site that has given free information since 2004???
    I can’t believe this!!!
    My site does not have spyware or malware.

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