This site may harm your computer – False Positives?

After scouring my site, I was unable to find any links to “badware” as claimed by both Google and I am led to believe that they are either finding false positives, or that one of my third party advertisers allowed an ad that linked directly to a site that was distributing some form of badware. It’d be nice if Google would implement some sort of notification system (as mentioned here: This site may harm your computer: Get Your Site Removed from the Blacklist),

that way personal websites, small business websites, bloggers and most people who have websites that don’t wish to “harm peoples computers” at least have a chance to keep their sites traffic up. Getting blacklisted dropped my traffic by nearly 75%. Either way, I’m still not certain that the system is 100% accurate, and I found another post where another user had the same problem I had. This guy seems to think that his site was mistakenly blacklisted as well: This site may harm your computer (False Positives?)

Does anyone else have any input or experience with this?

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