This site may harm your computer – Get Your Site Removed from the Blacklist

If your site has been blacklisted by Google, there are a couple steps that you might want to take in order to get your site off of the blacklist as soon as possible. Here’s what I did. First, begin by searching for your site here: If your site comes up, you’re obviously blacklisted, so at this time, you should file a Request for Review.

Only file this request for review if you are certain that you have no Badware or links to Badware on your site, at which time your site will be reviewed and either approved (removed from the blacklist) or denied.

The current problem with the list is that there is no notification system in place. Prior to blacklisting a site, the site owner should be notified (through the registrar record or through some other means) that the site is in danger of being blacklisted on Google. My site is small, but it still has 1000’s of pages & comments, so it’d be impossible for me to look through the entire site to find the problem. Prior to being blacklisted on Google, they should send you a warning that your site will be blacklisted in 3 days if the links on the following page(s) are not removed immediately. That way, users with personal sites who have no intention to harm other computers through distributing Badware don’t lose a vast majority of their traffic through being blacklisted.

In addition to the above, I also filled out a contact form inside the Google Webmaster Tools section. I never got a response, but my site was removed from the blacklist approximately 4 days after I submitted both requests.

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