This site may harm your computer – Web Traffic Impact

As we all know, Google is the biggest and best search engine out there. Google is constantly bettering itself and making its tools more useful, that’s why everyone uses it. So it’s really no surprise that my traffic dropped tremendously when Google blacklisted this site by adding the “This site may harm your computer” disclaimer to all of my search results.

After months of receiving over 1,000 unique visitors per day, my traffic fell to roughly 25% of what it had typically been, as the chart below indicates.

Getting Blacklisted - September Traffic Drop

The sad reality of this situation is that Google is the only reason that I get any traffic on my site. That became painfully obvious immediately. My advertising income had the same result over these 5 days, it fell to about one quarter of what it had typically been.

The funny thing about the above graph is that September 17th was the last day my site was blacklisted, however, my traffic didn’t immediately jump back up to where it had been. It took the remainder of the month for my web traffic to return to the point that it had been at previously. This makes me wonder if the blacklist is per site or per page. If pages are removed from the blacklist individually, this would explain why traffic went back up slowly, but if the site was removed from the blacklist as a whole, I would expect to see traffic immediately return almost immediately, since google does not remove your site from its index when you are blacklisted.

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