Apple (AAPL) Ups and Downs – Which Way Will it Go Tomorrow?

I’ve always been a huge supporter of Apple (AAPL) products, and their stock since I bought it at the announcement of the iPhone a few months back, but recently (when I say recently, I mean the past 4 business days) Apple (AAPL) stock has been completely unpredictable. I’m wondering now if I should have bought more shares when it had fallen to $155. At the close of the market today, when Apple (AAPL) finished up over 10%, I was kicking myself for not making that little investment this morning.

What is with these huge spikes and drops in the stock market right now? It doesn’t seem to just be tech stocks… yesterday, E Trade lost half of its value, a couple weeks back, Countrywide Financial fell to record lows. Is there a problem with the market? Are investors getting worried and cashing out? What can we expect from Apple (AAPL) and other stocks for the remainder of 2007?

One thought on “Apple (AAPL) Ups and Downs – Which Way Will it Go Tomorrow?”

  1. That would have been a nice move to make. But, who’s to say it won’t drop again in the near future. I guess we learn from bad experiences, as well as good ones.

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