Strange iPhone Icons – Phone 1+, Voicemail 1+, Voicemail (-1)

I’m not actually worried about this, because I’m guessing that when I restart my iPhone the problem will be solved, but I just got a voicemail and the voicemail button, where the icon usually shows up that displays the number of voicemail messages that you have, it now say shows a 1+. The wierd thing about this is that up above on the top menu, between the greeting and speaker button, it reads Voicemail (-1).

Did something on my iPhone get tweaked or fried? Also, now when I go to the home screen the phone icon displays a 1+ as well. Obviously, the 1+ on the phone icon is coming from the voicemail icon, but what does the plus mean? Too many voicemails stored? Time to delete some? Wouldn’t it be better to display a friendly popup message or something telling me to delete some old voicemails? I think that’d make more sense.

Here’s a screenshot of the homescreen with the phone and the 1+ icon:

iPhone 1+ Icon - Strange Icon on homescreen

Here’s a screenshot of my voicemail screen that displays the Voicemail (-1) and the Voicemail 1+:

iPhone 1+ Icon - Strange Icon on Voicemail (-1) Screen

Is there a limit to the amount of voicemail that can be stored on the iPhone? Would that be causing this problem?

9 thoughts on “Strange iPhone Icons – Phone 1+, Voicemail 1+, Voicemail (-1)”

  1. This just happened to my phone for the 1st time about 5 minutes ago. I deleted almost all of my voicemails & it’s still there… What does it mean?!

  2. That’s odd. I’ve never had that happen to me (yet). But, on the other hand, I don’t get any voicemails a lot either. Thanks for the tip in the future, though.

  3. I have never had that problem either. Since I’m always on the goes I’m using the EDGE network instead of Wifi at school so I miss a few calls and therefore I get a lot of voicemails and I have never had that problem. Has anyone who had that problem hack their phone?

  4. So strange!! I got the 1+ icon and it said 1- on the voicemail box heading so I have emptied out all my messages, even the deleted ones, and it still says 1+ even with no messages in the box! And I just realized that I’ve created one big run-on sentence…

  5. I had a similar problem on my 3G iPhone with the 2.2 firmware. It would show (1)/+1 everywhere even after I deleted all my voicemails. So I rebooted the iPhone and they went away. Weird.

  6. The same thing happened to my iPhone when there showed 1 message when there were no voicemails. Powered off and on and voilĂ  – the annoying 1 sign was gone. Thanks for the tip!

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