Could not activate EDGE – AT&T EDGE Network iPhone Error Message

Today, I was trying to lookup some sports scores and game times and I got the following message on my iPhone “Could not activate EDGE”. This came out of nowhere and has now been coming up consistently for the past half hour. I’ve read some posts that say this could be due to hacking & tweaking the iPhone, however my iPhone is unhacked, and untweaked.

I think this is more of a periodic problem with the AT&T EDGE network. For some reason, Apple decided to use the outdated EDGE data plan instead of getting in bed with Sprint or another provider who offered something more “now”.

5 thoughts on “Could not activate EDGE – AT&T EDGE Network iPhone Error Message”

  1. pls dear,im an iphone owner,i use mtn network to make my calls and it works well with my iphone aswell as the camera,but most places in my iphone require edge setting to go through.since then,ive not been able to enjoy the iphone version 1.0.0 that im using.pls advice me on how to open my edge/activate my edge setting for my iphone for free.
    yours faithfully


  2. dear ones,
    l have an iphone , and htc phone, but when l connect to internet with htc, and the iphone can not, always ask for EDGE activation,pls can you help me on how to get the EDGE activated.

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