AppleMobileBackup.exe has stopped working – iPhone Sync Error with Windows Vista

I get this error every time I sync my iPhone with Windows Vista. It doesn’t affect the sync, but the error is annoying. Is there any way to stop it, or is just one of those Windows/Apple problems that will never be able to get resolved? What is AppleMobileBackup.exe? It obviously doesn’t seem necessary since my iPhone syncs fine without it.

Here’s the specific error message that I get along with a screenshot:

AppleMobileBackup.exe has stopped working
A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available.

AppleMobileBackup.exe has stopped working

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  1. mike, does your mother gave born to another idiot like you, or you are the only one in the family?
    I had the problem with iTunes 7.6. Never with the 7.5. If you are using Vista 32bit, try downgrade to iTunes 7.5

  2. I’ve had this problem for ages. I can’t fix it but I can tell you it’s probably something on your phone, rather than Itunes itself. I know this because recently my phone went wrong, and ever since I have had the new one, the problem no longer occurs, even though I have not altered the software on my computer in any way. Weird…

  3. Have problem as well. It is an apple problem. On the Mac user forums, countless people have this issue.
    Poor Mike jerks his knee when Apple commands him, and thinks that Vista is the problem child, when in reality it is Mac this time. I tire of 12 year olds who give us such poorly thought out posts.

  4. same error here.
    running vista.
    ipod touch 2g.

    it freezes when it gets near the end of the ‘backup’ process.

    i’ve noticed that in my backup files…the last file its writing is huge…almost 500 meg. every other file is under 100k. so i feel that it has something to do with that last file that it’s trying to write….

  5. ok, got my prob fixed by doing two things:

    deleted the one program i knew was writing a lot of data.
    reinstalled my apps.

    i THINK the problem was specifically about that one app that was storing a lot of data….check your backup files and look for particularly big files.

  6. I am having the same problem. I am running Windows XP and itunes

    From the forum posts, it looks like its an itunes bug when someone has an application which stores a large amount of data. I’ll try uninstalling the apps which are storing large amount of data one by one and update the forum.

  7. Apologies for the naive question, but how do I review the backup files? I am running XP and receive a variation of the error message.

    “AppleMobileBackup.exe – Application Error
    The instruction 0x77c472e3 referenced memory at “0x00000000”. The memory could not be “written”.

    My guess this is 50% a problem related to AppleMobileBackup.exe and 50% specific to my computer (problem with physical memory?).

    Any help much appreciated.

  8. John – you can access the backup files by going to “edit->preferences” and clicking on the devices tab.

  9. e –

    Thanks for the info. I have Note2Self and VoiceNotes installed and with one of them I have several large files. Seems to be a common theme with the problems here.

    I have also used Jailbreak on my phone, not to change carriers but more for Springboard and related apps. Can’t help but wonder if that has anything to do with this… Then again, I did that a long while ago and the AppleMobileBackup error only started fairly recently.

    Thanks again…

  10. Same problem here. Running Windows Vista, too. MikeHawk you’re a moron. I had a bunch of “deleted files” that were still in iTalk that were taking up a ton of space until I actually cleared them out. SO…. thanks to the posts here about progz using excessive space, that got me to thinking… and voila! fixed. So, moral of the story, look through your programs and see what may be using/storing large data files.

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