Free iPhone Ringtones – Create Custom iPhone Ringtones, Build Your Own iPhone Ringtones

When the iPhone was originally released, users were able to create their own iPhone ringtones by trimming a file to 30 seconds or less and changing the file extension to the Apple specific .M4R format. With the release of iTunes 7.4.x and iPhone firmware 1.1.1, the custom ringtones became disabled, or unrecognized by iTunes and the iPhone. Now with the latest release of iTunes version 7.5 and the most recent iPhone update, firmware version 1.1.2, custom ringtones are once again supported.

This is a relief to many since paying Apple one dollar for a song, then another dollar to convert that song to a ringtone was a bit of a waste. Here’s a step by step overview of how to create a custom ringtone for you iPhone with iTunes 7.5 and iPhone firmware version 1.1.2.

  1. Choose your music or sound (mp3)
  2. Use Audacity (or any other sound editing program) to cut the song to 30 seconds or less
  3. Add the song to your iTunes library
  4. Right click on the song in iTunes and convert to AAC
  5. Find the .mpa song in your iTunes Music folder. Most likely in C:\My Documents\My Music\iTunes\iTunes Music)
  6. If you don’t already have a Ringtones folder in your iTunes Music folder, create it now. Should be My Documents\My Music\iTunes\iTunes Music\Ringtones
  7. Rename the .mpa song to .mpr (within Windows Vista, iTunes exports the file as .m4a – if this is the case for you, just rename to .m4r) (if you don’t see file extension, you can change this by selecting Tools > Folder Options > View (Tab) > Then uncheck the box for “Hide extensions for known file types”.
  8. Now add the Ringtones folder that you created to iTunes. Select File > Add Folder to Library and add the new Ringtones folder.
  9. The new ringtone should now appear in the Ringtones list in iTunes.
  10. Select the ringtones that you’d like to sync, or sync all ringtones.
  11. Sync the iPhone.
  12. From the iPhone home screen, go to Settings > Sounds > Ringtone on the iPhone.
  13. There is a grouping called Custom which should appear at the top of the list. Your new ringtone should be in that list.

Free iPhone Ringtones

CTU Ringtone – .mpr file
Crank Ringtone (Movie) – .mpr file

If you have any requests for other ringtones, let me know. If I like the song or the sound, I’ll gladly convert it for you.

61 thoughts on “Free iPhone Ringtones – Create Custom iPhone Ringtones, Build Your Own iPhone Ringtones”

  1. ok well, i did all the steps u asked me to do to get free ringtones, i did them all, my ringtone is in my iTunes music library, but for some reason whenever i sinc my phone up it doesn’t work, please help if you have the time 😀

  2. Not sure about PC users, but for Mac, you have to copy the ringtones out of the folder on to the desktop and then change the name to m4r before dropping them back in otherwise it won’t work. Check the tutorial on it breaks it down really well, I’ve followed these steps and it worked perfectly on OSX.

  3. Apple Newbie; seems straight forward except for one thing… do you need to jailbreak your phone to do this? If not, everything went fine for me and I can not see the ringtone on my folder.

  4. oh wow its like u guyz are talking a whole new different language !! i’m not so good with computers therefore i can’t relate to the whole m4a acc m4r thing!!! so i might as well shut up and enjoy the marimba ringtone!

  5. In my iTunes it says I have 9 ringtones on my iPhone but when I check my Custom Ringtone section in my iPhone it only shows the first 5. Anyone have any help?? iPhone 3GS 32GB Version 3.1.2 Firmware 05.11.07 Using Itunes 9


  6. Had all the above issues – however when I sync now with I4 software on 3gs only 6 of my 9 custom ringtones sync. Any clues??

    Thanks :)

  7. All ringtones were around the same length as I knew of that issue. Since the post I renamed the files and seem to have got them on the phone – had a sync error come up and have not had time to resync and see if I keep them.

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