Outlook 2007 Does Not Shutdown – On Exit, OUTLOOK.EXE Remains in Task Manager

I recently noticed that when I close Outlook, that the next time I open it, it doesn’t prompt me for my password (my personal folders are password protected). Come to find out that when I shutdown Outlook, it isn’t actually closing and removing itself from memory. When I open the Task Manager after shutting down Outlook, OUTLOOK.EXE remains active and taking up a large amount of memory – typically 90+MB.

Does anyone else have this problem? I found the post below in a forum, however there wasn’t an answer associated with it. Are we stuck with a version of Outlook that will not close? Does this have anything to do with the fact that my Address Book is unavailable as well – See Post: Microsoft Outlook – Address List Cannot Be Displayed.

I have recently installed Vista Ultimate (32 bit) and Office 2007.

I have discovered a problem with Outlook 2007 in that it does not always close down on exiting the program. When this happens, the next time you try to start Outlook nothing happens, when I go into task manager I see outlook.exe running 2, 3 or more times. When I kill these in task manager Outlook will then load.

It seems like something is keeping Outlook active after I exit the program but I am unable to find out what it is.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. I have Skype on a Dell Mini10 on XP Home SP3 wireless at my home connecting into my office network email server. Outlook 2007 SP2 shuts down in 1 second. Its a default install using Outlook over HTTP with Use HTTP on a Fast network selected.

    I did NOTHING to get Outlook 2007 to shut down this fast. It just does.

    I have a dell Optiplex 520 desktop with XP Pro with Outlook 2007 configured the same. Shutdown of Outlook varies from 30 seconds to 2 minutes. I have a Dell Hybrid desktop and a Dell D530 laptop with outlook 2007 configured exactly the same that were running Vista Sp1 and it took up to two minutes to shutdown. I upgraded them to windows 7 pro and the laptop takes anywhere from 10 to 30 seconds to shutdown Outlook. The Hybrid takes about 45 to 120 seconds to shutdown Outlook. Again… Outlook 2007 is SP2 configured the same way on all.

    The size of my OST is 800 mg.

    I would like all of my systems to shutdown in 1 second like the XP home does but I can’t find the parameter that allows it. I know it can be done because I see it with two different Dell mini10s running XP home.

    Add-ins in my case, have no effect. Skype using Outlook contacts doesn’t slow down the XP home systems at all.

    I would like to share with you how to make outlook 2007 go faster but I really don’t know why it does on the Dell Minis. Any comments?

  2. Disable iTunes in Com addins solve my problem with outlook 2003. I hate the itune thing, a piece of gabbage

  3. Mike,

    Thanks for your details on solving the Outlook 2003 issue.

    Does anyone know if unchecking the iTunes add-in in Outlook will stop iTunes from syncing with iTunes?

    Thanks, Deanna.

  4. I too had similar problem. I found out that my PST file was corrupt. After removing the PST file everything was fine. I then repaired the PST and recreated a new one. Now all OK

  5. disable addin should not be the solution, because i use outlook and the addin for a long time and now i have problem with them. so, there was an update that have changed some behaviour of outlook. so, ms should be fix outlook in order to work with any addin. I dont think that the problem would be the addin. tks.

  6. I had the problem with Outlook 2007 on Windows 7. Nothing worked until I unchecked the “Empty the Deleted Items folder on exiting.” Outlook shuts down in a few seconds now.

  7. I had the similar issue, couldn’t close Outlook 2007, Windows 7, properly after CRM 4 instalation. Two lates hotfixes did the trick.

  8. The following solution worked for us after a PCmover user profile transfer. This process may be applicable to more than just our problem which is why I’m posting it here. Hope it can help you too.

    After using PCmover to transfer a 32bit user profile to a 64bit OS, I ran into this problem with iTunes 10 and Outlook 2007. Here was my fix;

    1. Disable the iTunes Outlook Addin
    2. Close Outlook (be certain the OUTLOOK.EXE process is no longer running)
    3. Open Outlook and this time remove the iTunes Outlook Addin
    4. 2. Close Outlook (be certain the OUTLOOK.EXE process is no longer running)
    5. Run an iTunes repair install from Programs and Features (or Add/Remove Programs)
    6. Open Outlook. iTunes Outlook Addin should now be reinstalled with the new version.
    7. Close Outlook. After a couple of seconds the gray taskbar icon should disappear.

    Our issue came from having iTunes 10 installed on the new PC (64-bit Windows 7 Pro) and then transferring the user profile settings (using PCmover) from the old laptop (32-bit Windows 7 Pro) which had iTunes 9.x installed. The iTunes 10 DLL was over written by the 9.x DLL which is what appears to have caused the problem. Removing it from Outlook and repairing iTunes puts the correct DLL back in place and solves the issue.

  9. I had iTunes and a bunch of add-ins running in Outlook 2007. I had all the latest patches and everything. Then one day it just started constantly going to the server and saying it was “requesting data from server” without end. When I tried to exit, it would stay in memory and I had to use the task manager in XP Pro to close it.

    I overlooked that Norton AntiSpam had put an add-in in Outlook. When it had updated itself, the update was causing the problems. I just disabled the Norton AntiSpam add-in and it works great again.

  10. I had none of the applications listed above and no add-in and still had the same problem. Getting frustrated, I finally uninstalled Office, rebooted and reinstalled the whole thing and suprisingly Outlook closes instantly, even though I have 4 pst files each about 2 GB. I hope this helps those who have tried all of recommendations listed above and are still dealing with this issue.

  11. I noticed the problem is starting again after Office 2007 SP2 was installed. Comparing the registry of two systems, one without the problem and one with, I found the one with value of PSTNullFreeOnClose being 1 causes the problem. Later, I found this article on Microsoft which explains setting this to 0 stops Outlook filling the deleted items in pst files. My problem is gone and hopefully this will fix others with similar problem. The article I was referring to is at : http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2022995

  12. Thanks to Bryan and Matty, I tried both solutions (scanpst and disable add-ins) and the issue now seems to be resolved.

  13. Thanks Hoss – Had tried add ins and was still having the same problem. Set PSTNullFreeOnClose to 0 in the registry and Outlook closes instantly now as it should. Thank you!!

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