Atmosphere – Strictly Leakage (Full Mixtape)

Atmosphere gave us all a nice little Christmas present today by releasing Strictly Leakage. It’s a full 13 song album “to chase away the winter doldrums”.

Quote from Rhymesayers:

as a way to thank all of our supporters, ant and i have put together this party favor.

it’s called “strictly leakage.” thirteen songs to chase away the winter doldrums.
free and downloadable at this link : Right Click and Save as…

it’s great for first dates, crappy houseparties, or to play in the backround while you google yourself again.

is downloadable a word?
what’s a doldrum?

nonetheless, thank you for the love, and please have a happy safe holiday.

oh yeah, i almost forgot,
“sad clown bad winter 11” is available now, and a new album from atmosphere, “when life gives you lemons, you paint that shit gold” will be available on april 22 2008.

2 thoughts on “Atmosphere – Strictly Leakage (Full Mixtape)”

  1. Atmosphere is really something that cannot be seen or heard. But it is something that you can feel! And I really adore to create this kind of feeling.

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