Increase Your Google Adsense Click Through Rate (CTR)

So you’ve decided to monetize your blog or website by adding Google Adsense to it, but now that Adsense is on your site, why hasn’t it started generating revenue for you? Google Adsense isn’t a magical cash generator (though many bloggers and site owners would claim otherwise), Adsense is a content driven advertising engine; meaning that it uses the content of your page(s) to determine the advertisement that it will display to the end user.

Content Optimization

The best place to start when trying to optimize your CTR is with the content on your page. Since Google Adsense uses the text and content of your page to determine the ads that it will display, it will be most beneficial to create content accordingly. This will help bring targeted traffic to your website. By bringing targeted traffic, your users will be looking for information that should be very similar to the ads that are displayed on your page.

Ad Placement

Another way to optimize your Google Adsense CTR is by optimizing your ad placement. A commonly used term is “Hot Zone”. Hot Zones are the areas on a website that a users eyes will typically navigate to. Hot Zones typically consist of the header, the left-hand navigation (if available), and the main content area of the story.

Ad Style

Google now allows you to specify the style of your ad. You can manipulate the foreground and background, and more recently, you can add rounded corners to your advertisements. Rounded corners is a nice feature for many websites that have organic/curvy designs as the rounded corners fit in with the design better than the traditions square boxy ads.

Competitive Ad Filtering

Be careful with this, because often competing ads can also be high paying ads. You may want to use the competitive ad filter if you are getting redundant ads displayed on your site.

I hope some of these tips & tricks help you out, if you have any other suggestions, feel free to comment below.

iPhone Update – iPhone Firmware Version 1.1.3+ Next Firmware Release Date

Awhile back, I read an article or two that were hyping the release of an iPhone firmware update to version 1.1.3. The articles mentioned voice memos and voice dialing, 2 features that would be great for the iPhone to add. It has now been almost a month and I still haven’t seen any sign of the iPhone version 1.1.3 firmware update. I know for a fact that Apple is going to have to release an iPhone firmware update prior to opening the iPhone to 3rd party apps (which they have already promised to do early this year), now its just a question of when the update is going to come? I think that its very possible that they’ll wait and just do one massive update rather than release many small updates prior to opening the iPhone to third party applications.

Does anyone out there have an inside track on the next iPhone update? When can we expect it? I want to see something new… I’m getting bored with the last update (allowing us to make our own ringtones).