iPhone Update – iPhone Firmware Version 1.1.3+ Next Firmware Release Date

Awhile back, I read an article or two that were hyping the release of an iPhone firmware update to version 1.1.3. The articles mentioned voice memos and voice dialing, 2 features that would be great for the iPhone to add. It has now been almost a month and I still haven’t seen any sign of the iPhone version 1.1.3 firmware update. I know for a fact that Apple is going to have to release an iPhone firmware update prior to opening the iPhone to 3rd party apps (which they have already promised to do early this year), now its just a question of when the update is going to come? I think that its very possible that they’ll wait and just do one massive update rather than release many small updates prior to opening the iPhone to third party applications.

Does anyone out there have an inside track on the next iPhone update? When can we expect it? I want to see something new… I’m getting bored with the last update (allowing us to make our own ringtones).

8 thoughts on “iPhone Update – iPhone Firmware Version 1.1.3+ Next Firmware Release Date”

  1. Haha… figures. That post had been sitting in my unpublished list for a week or two, I just finally thought I’d put it up today… obviously I didn’t first look around to see what was out there.

    Is there an expected go live date???

  2. It’s telling you it’s GOING to CHECk for any updates on the 8th January, rather then telling you it WILL BE updatting, it’ll be advising the next time it will CHECK to see if theres any updates available

  3. OMG!? Got to LMAO at some of these comments people make… “My iPhone will update on Jan. 8″…. mine says it is gay and doesnt think it wants to ever update unless there is a gay update…

    (For the nUbs — Roll On Floor Laughing My F$%king A$$ Off)

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