ILD Teleservices Continues to Scam People and Businesses –

One year ago to this day, I wrote a post about ILD Teleservices and their rip off scam. That article talked about my business phone account that suddenly had extra charges tacked on from ILD Teleservices, adding an extra $80 per month to my phone bill. I had logged a complaint with Verizon about ILD Telecom, wrote my post and pretty much forgot about the problem. Since my post, I’ve gotten an occasional reply to it with people telling stories of their own problems with ILD.

It’s a completely unfortunate situation, and it appears that as of today – February 9th, 2008 (Exactly one year from my original ILD Telecom post) that ILD is still operating and scamming people out of money. I just got a reply to the original post tonight detailing a new way that ILD Teleservices is scamming people.

In an effort to help shutdown ILD Teleservices, or at least help make people aware of the problem, I will be updating this post with a list of links to agencies and companies that you can report ILD to, along with other links and articles that I find about ILD. If you have any other websites that discuss ILD Teleservices and the scams that they are running, please reply to this post with links so that I can add them in. Thanks to you all, and best of luck recovering the charges from the most unethical company operating today – ILD Teleservices.

Links and Articles About ILD Teleservices

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  1. Same problems here. My son tried to call me collect but since my phone is through the cable company it will not accept a collect call. I hesitated to give my debit card info over the phone but as any mother would do I needed to know that my son was alright and see if he needed me.I called my bank and blocked any further charges from ILD for the next 14 months and then I have to renew it. I have to pay the $21.21 for the 1 minute call from my son but at least there will be no more, I hope anyway. That is if they use the same company name. If they change their name and charge on that I have to start all over again. What the heck is wrong with the FCC? Can’t they shut these people down? It is definitely robbery.

  2. I work for a government agency that has numerous lines in various configurations at scattered sites. I have to review our bills every month. ILD and your local phone company act as collection agencies for a form of organized crime that has it’s roots in the divestiture of ATT in the late 70’s. The problem is that your local phone company makes money from these scams too so there is little incentive for them to address the problem Most states have a government agency that over sees rateincreases and operations of telecomunication companies. Usually they are pretty ineffective but compaining to them is a place to start putting pressure to address cramming.
    Next file complaints with the FCC for charges related to telephone services between states or internationally, with your state public service commission for telephone services within your state; and with the FTC for non-telephone services on your telephone bill.
    Next find out if there are any phone companies in your area that do not provide 3rd party billing and switch. Thats hitting them where it hurts, in the wallet!
    Next call up a local reporter and get some air time. make sure they give out names of telephone companies that do not provide third party billing.
    Understand that the reason these charges are there is because the laws in your state allow them to be there. If you can find a politicain looking for a cause clamp on.
    Learn and teach.

    caveat emptor

  3. I opened my Verizon bill today and was SHOCKED to see an extra $39.95 billed to me by a company I had never heard of. I went to the ILD website which said some “merchant” I had dealt with put this into motion. I called the merchant listed on the bill and insisted there was ABSOLUTELY NO WAY I would have authorized any such transaction.

    The person I spoke to said they had MY VOICE ON TAPE authorizing the charges. When I demanded to hear the recording I recognized my voice on a call I received about 2 months prior. The woman who called said she was UPDATING an ONLINE DIRECTORY for my business. Since I despise telemarketing calls, I immediately told her I wasn’t interested in talking to her or hearing anything she had to say. She assured me that the phone call was for updating purposes only and wouldn’t cost me anything.

    The phone call that was played back to me was sliced, diced and bogus. The “yes” responses I gave confirming my name, address, and telephone number were punched in to appear that I was answering questions presented by the operator that weren’t even asked of me during the conversation, including details of how I was “authorizing” a change in service and certain monetary fees. That part of the telephone call was completely new to me and today was the first time I ever heard it. I told the “merchant” that the phone conversation was botched and inaccurate and demanded that the fees to my phone bill be immediately reversed. What a ripoff!! Is integrity totally dead these days?

  4. I am working on behalf of law firms who are prosecuting a case against this “cramming” service on behalf of a small business in California. I am looking for information or witnesses regarding the supposed e-fax services offered by ILD and/or ABS (“Advanced Business Services”) in relation to $49.95 charges added to people’s phone bills. If you were billed for a service you did not want or did not receive please comment here.

  5. Just found out today that ILD had been charging $39.95 on my ATT bill since 2007 for some ‘unknown’ service that I/we did not authorize. It was my company’s bill that I do not regularly review but we are changing our billing so it was brought to my attention. I looked into it today and clear to me that it is fraudulent and ‘cramming’. We are doing everything in our power to get the $1500+ refunded and have written to ILD to demand action. We have also notified the FTC, Consumer Affairs and the NY Times. And this is just day #1. ATT seems to be on board with refunding all the money but we shall see. We are a small business in California and happy to help more here to stop this.

  6. As of June 2012 they are still at it . I just discovered that for 11 months ILD has been tacking 32.50 on each phone bill for a tech service that I never ask for or used. At&t REFUSED to stop the charges- we didn’t even get to a discussion of returning the money. My 2 year contract with AT&T is finally running out so I can get rid of them and their ILD cartel. They are protected by powerful lawyers and political connections and like the mafia have the blessing of several States Attorneys General.

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