iPhone Update – iPhone Firmware Version 1.1.4+ Next Firmware Release Date

So back before the iPhone 1.1.3 release, I read a bunch of hype that talked about voice memos and voice dialing – 2 features that would be powerful and I’m assuming somewhat simple to add. Obviously, these updates were not part of the 1.1.3 update which leads me to believe that voice memos and voice dialing features for the iPhone were either all hype, or Apple is taking a little extra time to perfect and develop these features. I’m still hoping that the release of the iPhone 1.1.4 update will open the phone up to 3rd party applications (without having to jailbreak). Here are a few features that have been tossed around in some forums that you may or may not expect to see in the iPhone 1.1.4 firmware release.

  • Copy & Paste
  • Wi-Fi updates rather than syncing
  • Flash Player for Safari browser
  • Sync notes
  • Purchase third party apps directly from iTunes – this would be a very nice feature because if applications were sold through iTunes, it would allow the apps to be tested and approved by Apple prior to release – more on this later.
  • Send photos through text message

Now, what will the exact release date of the iPhone 1.1.4 firmware be? I’m guessing we’ll see something in mid-March. Keep your fingers crossed, and get your feature requests in soon! Leave a reply below with your feature requests too!

37 thoughts on “iPhone Update – iPhone Firmware Version 1.1.4+ Next Firmware Release Date”

  1. I’ve heard the iPhone 1.1.4 update would come on february 20 and not march. The update features sound about right but I still hope we get the update before march…

  2. That’d be great if the iPhone 1.1.4 firmware release date is February 20th, however that’d make it just over a month after the release of the 1.1.3 firmware update… I don’t think they’ll release it until March or later.

  3. They should add a video recording app to the iPhone and also a bluetooth sending app were you can send ringtones, music and photos to other cellphone users. Is there any way i can email apple to request these things?

  4. I am hoping there is update in which the iphone calendar is able to sync with the Google calendars (including the color coding). The iphone calendar could use some upgrading overall (e.g. week and year view, ability to select a date 10 months away without having to scroll through ten months of dates).

  5. even though you can actually send your feedback to apple they won’t give a peanut about it. Do you kbow how many feedbacks they get every single day and what simply do is just put it on the side. I woundnt even bother sending a feedback they just don’t care…

  6. I would like a apple to make a fast forward scroll instead of having to hold down skip on the ipod part of the phone. Any new ideas on when the release date will be? Does apple post any information on when updates will be?

  7. Apple is brilliant with this stuff. Think about what they are doing. Having a phone that can be upgraded whenever! Think about what you people currently have. This is the most revolutionized phone in the world. People need to stop finding whats wrong with the iPhone and start appreciating what this phone has. No other phone is like this. What else do u guys want something that sticks into your brain so it doesn’t have to be handheld. Cmon guys for real.

  8. omg shut up! U sound like a freakin hippie we can say way we want and u are just being dumb. Ok you must not have an iPhone. There are alot of things this phone does not have like video, Bluetooth , and picture messaging and also one annoying one, there isn’t a forward option when you get a text message.

  9. yeah..i HATE that we cant forward messages.. i dont get it.. how hard can it be to write the program for that.. geez

  10. ive been waiting forever for apple to let you text sideways with the iPhone so the keyboard is wider. Please let it happen

  11. I agree. The iPhone is a good phone and all but it lacks what most basic phones have now. Its a good idea that apple made this phone to recieve updates but they need to start adding some better features. I think some of the following should be in 1.1.4:

    Text forwarding and picture messaging
    3rd party apps
    flash player in safari
    iTunes music store that works thru EDGE
    video capturing capability
    Camera features (zoom color black white grayscale )
    and a lot more other features that phones have today.

  12. “aww, boohoo, no forwarding for text messages.” Seriously, get over it. If what you truly want is a phone with all these good for nothing feature like forwarding messages and mms picture messaging (which you can do anyway through email and it doesnt charge you a cent), then go out and buy a different phone. But, oh wait, you can’t be pretentious unless you have an iPhone right? I mean that is why you bought it for…to show it off to all your friends and brag about your fancy little touch screen? Theres dozens of phones out there with all the features youre asking for, but you won’t buy it because nobody will care unless it’s an iPhone. You have no right to complain. You knew the features it had before you bought it. I know I did, and the only reason I bought mine is so all my friends could high five and worship me forever. And it worked, so I don’t complain. You should all learn to do the same.

  13. oh shut the hell up you freakin retards if you have a problem with wat we are saying then go 2 another damn website ….. Man! You guys are such assholes!!!!!!!!!

  14. Aww, I’m sorry cash, I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings… I think they make tissues for crybaby pussies like you…theyre called tampons.

  15. Hopefully, in the future, stupid people like “reinoso” will read two posts before theirs and realize that nobody gives half a shit what you want on the next release. Apple will give you what they want to give you, and you’ll like it.

  16. You mean to tell me you bought a phone so your friends would high five you? LOOOOOSSSEEERR!!!!! The iPhone has the capability to do anything, give them time and apple will get it fixed.

  17. Look here kid, I’m not gonna stand for some chump-change’s profound comments whose parents named him after a penis. First of all, yes, I did buy it for that very reason…anyone who protests otherwise is quite obviously bullshitting. Do I agree that the iPhone is a good phone? Of course! Does it has some features that other phones envy? Certainly! Would YOU have spent 600 dollars on the iPhone had no one else heard of it but yourself, had it not gained so much popularity and media attention nationwide, and had it not become the singlemost distinguishing factor between the pimplefaced apple nerd who lives at home, and the pimple faced apple nerd who lives at home AND brings friends over??? I think not…

    Second, youre a stupid douche. If you believe the iPhone has the ability to do anything, then youre right. But, instead of complaining about it like a stupid crybaby, why don’t you just hack it instead of holding your phone hostage to apple’s updates? But no, that would be too easy, wouldnt it chump change? Then morons like you couldn’t complain anymore, and put their “opinions” on a little message board for the whole world to see. And if you don’t want to risk your phone getting “bricked” after hacking, then you were too poor to afford a 600 dollar phone in the first place.

    Either way, all signs point to you not deserving an iPhone. The iPhone wasnt designed for people that complain, and people that want to share their “ideas” on what the next update should be. It was meant for rich snobs with too much money trying to be just a tad bit more pretentious than the pretentious people around them. You lose.

  18. Wow… This is getting to be pretty heated. Just thought I would jump in with my two cents. Its true, the iPhone is just a phone and we all knew what we were buying when we bought it. I personally bought it cause I just broke my phone and happened to lose my iPod at the same time. However, one of the reasons that I bought it was that I had faith in apple, and I knew that any problems could be fixed on a future software update.

    Not complaining at all, there are a few things I would like to see in the next update:

    MMS messaging
    Video recording and messaging
    Text forwarding
    Flash plugin for safari
    Third party applications
    Ability to delete native icons (stocks, etc.)
    Wireless syncing

    Either of these would be great to see on the most revolutionary phone yet. I don’t want to come across as dissappointed at all, cause I am not. But after all, this is about iPhone updates, it would be silly to waste this space off subject, and angry.

  19. Mav – All those are great suggestions. As for the ability to delete native icons, I just setup a second screen (now that we can arrage the icons on the home screen) and I move all of the icons that I don’t use to that screen. Definitely not a complete fix, but an easy work-around until something better comes along.

  20. yes vettemaster is so right, stop trashtalking the iPhone if u dont like get another fone, oh but u won’t thats right bc y get a regular phone when u can get an iphone, the best fone on the market. You guys r all stupid (except vettemaster)

  21. One other aspect to consider, the use of the orientation sensor in iPhone apps. Although great, it is overall inconsistent, works well with safari, pictures, email attachmentsand coverflow for the iPod, however isn’t usable with text messaging, or emails. If not just for the sake of consistency, I feel that orientation flipping should be an option available for all applications (I say option because there are some cases where we might not want to have the screen flip). I suggest a settings option for enabling/disabling orientation flip for each app. Just a thought, whaddya think?

  22. Alright, iphone is great, no questions…..only…

    Anyone have any real info’ on the release date of 1.1.4.??

  23. Yeah, how about… Now. Seriously, its released already, go check it out. Its just a bunch of bug fixes.

  24. fuck u guys this forum is to talk about what we want in 1.1.4 if u guys think we are bitching then dont participate in the forum assholes. Keep it to yourself… Fuck

  25. I fatally agree with Sman if u have a problem with us go to a diff damn website you guys are such pussies!!!!!!! Let us say what we want

  26. wow I remember being the first one to add a message to this thread and getting some good opinions from people but now its just like battlefield between people who feel the iPhone needs better enhancements like me and people who probably don’t even have an iPhone and are telling to appreciate it for what it has. Sman is right this forum is for discussion about he iPhone updates stop being like babies and act like real iPhone owners and nonowners.

  27. wow! I remember being the first one to add a comment to this forum and getting some pretty good answers from people but now I come back a see that this has become a battlefield between people who think the iPhone needs some better enhancements like me and people who probably don’t even have and iPhone and tell to just appreciate the iPhone for what it has. Sman is right this forums is for discussion about iPhone updates and not personal ideas about the iPhone itself keep the good and reasonable comments up!

  28. I think all the input is awesome. If you think about it for a second, the hardware in the phone exceeds the software 10 fold. If you have an unlocked phone most of the things that i see requested here are offered. I think it is only a matter of time before all the above features are added. I think apple only wants to perfect things. I am not an apple lover either. The only thing i own from them is the phone. Every other phone u get, you are stuck with the features it has until you get a newer phone. The ability to get upgrades right over iTunes makes this far superior than any other phone on the market. This might be the greatest phone made to date.

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