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So like many people, I have an iPod and iPhone which I use to play music while I’m on the go – neither of these devices have very good support for songs or albums that have multiple artists. I also use Windows Media Center to play music through my home entertainment system; the major difference is that Windows Media Center has great support for songs and albums with multiple artists. Here’s an overview of how Media Center works, and I just found out that MediaMonkey offers the same support – that’s why I’ll be using MediaMonkey from now on to manage all of my music.

When tagging songs for Windows Media Center, I specify the album artist as Various Artists or as the primary artist on the album (depending on the instance). Now, here is the thing that I really like about Media Center – Within the artist field, I can enter multiple artists separated by either a slash (/) or a semi-colon (;) ( rather than putting Feat. Diana Ross somewhere else. So lets say I’m tagging a song that has 3 different artists – 50 Cent/Diana Ross/Paul McCartney (eclectic group of artists… I know). Within Windows Media Center, when I browse my music by artist, this song will show up under each of the 3 artists, where as in iTunes, I now have a new artist listed as 50 Cent/Diana Ross/Paul McCartney. I really like the feature of Media Center how it will parse the album artists on the slash or semi-colon. I think this is a very useful feature and I would love to see this added to iTunes.

MediaMonkey has just added this support in version 3 (using only semi-colons) and they also allow you to use semi-colons to separate genres, classifications and other fields too.

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Please let me know what you all think and if you have any suggestions on tagging songs with multiple artists.

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