Protecting Yourself From Identity Theft

A new service called LifeLock Identity Theft Protection offers. LifeLock basically monitors credit reports, credit offers and more on your behalf in order to help minimize the risk of identity theft. LifeLock offers a $1,000,000 service guarantee plus identity recovery services in case you do become a victim of identity theft or if your wallet is stolen. Here are some key features of the LifeLock Identity Theft Protection system:

  • They set up fraud alerts with credit bureaus on your behalf and renew them every 90 days
  • Request that your name be removed from pre-approved credit card mailers
  • Order free credit reports annually and have them sent directly to you
  • Help you cancel/recover lost wallets with their WalletLock service

One thought on “Protecting Yourself From Identity Theft”

  1. Lifelock also provides you with the walletlock service, which is awesome if you lose your purse or wallet. Just call up Lifelock and they’ll contact your credit card companies and so on to put a hold on all your accounts and issue you new cards. You don’t have to do a thing.

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