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I finally installed the PA11-HON2y in my Honda Pilot and its working great. I love having the ability to control my iPhone via the sterio controls and via the steering wheel controls, and I also like how I am still able to control the iPhone directly through the iPhone interface, using Cover Flow, or by using the standard Song, Artist, Genre lookup. Now that I’ve got my iPhone wired into my car, I now need to find a way that I can mount it to the dash. Here are my requirements:

  1. Not too bulky like many of the car dash mounts that are out there
  2. Must be able to swivel so that I can use both standard song lookup and cover flow
  3. Can’t require me to stick something to the back of my iPhone… it still needs to fit in my pocket
  4. Swivel must allow room for the dock connector attachment to move freely

That’s it. Not looking for too much. Here are a couple of the options that I’m currently exploring.

If you’ve got your iPhone mounted to your dash, please post pictures.

6 thoughts on “iPhone Dash Mount – iPhone Car Mount Ideas and Reviews”

  1. I’d be interested to know what you ended up with. I have a 2005 Honda Pilot and a 1st gen iPhone that I’d really like to do something like this with. I’ve been looking at the proclipusa.com site for good mounting hardware but what I’m more interested in after reading your post here is the ability to operate my iPhone via my steering wheel controls.

    My Entertainment system that is on my Pilot has a DVD player, CD Player, 6 disc changer and a tape deck as well as an auxillary channel. Is that where you are plugging your iPhone into? Thanks for posting.

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