iPhone 1.1.5 Update – iPhone Firmware Version 1.1.5+ Release Date

With the release of iPhone firmware version 1.1.4 (beat my predicted release date by 2 weeks), many of us were expecting large changes – many of which were listed and noted in my last post about the iPhone 1.1.4 firmware update. There was no specific feature list released with the 1.1.4 iPhone firmware update, however Apple did release a statement saying that the 1.1.4 update is primarily for bug fixes.

Since many of us were anticipating release of the SDK with the 1.1.4 iPhone firmware update, we’ll now have to look toward the 1.1.5 firmware update for any new features. After scouring through all pages and settings on my iPhone after I installed the 1.1.4 update, I have realized that no new features are offered. Here is my question – Why was the download for the 1.1.4 update 160MB? Is it possible that the 1.1.4 update preps iPhones for the release of the SDK, however the features are just inactive until a specified date?

Either way, I’m over the latest iPhone software update, and now I’m anxiously waiting the release of the iPhone 1.1.5 firmware update. Here are some features (taken from my last post) that I’m hoping to see in the next release of the iPhone firmware:

  • Copy & Paste
  • Wi-Fi updates rather than syncing
  • Flash Player for Safari browser
  • Sync notes
  • Purchase third party apps directly from iTunes – this would be a very nice feature because if applications were sold through iTunes, it would allow the apps to be tested and approved by Apple prior to release – more on this later.
  • Send photos through text message

As for a release date of the 1.1.5 firmware… I’m predicting a mid-March release date. What features do you all want to see?

iPhone Firmware Update

Though the release date of the 1.1.5 firmware update is still unannounced and unknown, the iPhone 2.0 firmware update does have an expected release date, click here to read more.

99 thoughts on “iPhone 1.1.5 Update – iPhone Firmware Version 1.1.5+ Release Date”

  1. The SDK will not be of any use to iPhone owners. We can hope that when it is released that maybe there will be some apps released with that to give us some needed additional features, but third party applications will not be out for probably at least six months. But, in any case, I want data transfer Bluetooth capability, MMS, and be able to lock individual application, video capture and zoom controls. All things my motorola L7 + iTunes did with no problem.

  2. Also zoom controls for the camera; accessibility to data transfer between the phone and PC (drag and drop) other than importing from Itunes; amplify ringer/speakerphone; instant messaging (aol,yahoo); bluetooth data trasnfer capability; gps

  3. 1.1.3 should give you gps- esque capability with the “my location” feature and google maps ties in with that.

  4. I would like to see Bluetooth file exchange, Bluetooth syncing to Itunes and the ability to use a bluetooth stereo headset to listen to music.


  5. main thing that would be cool is a flash player. and then a video recorder with option to put your video directly to youtube. now that would be SWEET!!!!

  6. i hope they add a lot of stuff in the next 2 or 3 updates like zoom for camera, alowing us to put wall paper on home page, changing how the icons look, vidoecamera with audio, and everything else that u posted

  7. I agree,SDK,MMS messaging,copy and paste,video record,zoom for the camera,flash player for safari,also I would like to see them update SMS messaging so you can turn it sideways too!

  8. Video Recording! Every decent phone does this, how is it possible that the iPhone doesn’t???

  9. Oh, relax. Considering the iPhone was released IMHO about three months too early, you really – and the critics can’t expect it to be the end-all-be-all! All the support for A2DP is there, for video recording, MMS, etc. The hardware is all there! There is no software support yet, which is why all these people have been hacking the phone. They can MMS and everything we want because they’ve “made” software to make the hardware work. Apple will too, in time – but the iPhone isn’t the only product they offer, and they just released leopard… So back off, put a hold on the mutiny and suffer silently like other iPhone owners that know when apple catches up to their creation it will be the most potent phone on the market. Until the iPhone 2 anyway, when they make such a beast.

  10. The only update that I found to be quite interesting from 1.1.4 was that if you go into the safari settings and then go to developers it will find errors in a webpage. I also believe that it will be primarily for the software developers. Let me know if you find out anymore information about this. Thanks.

  11. As far as updates that I wish for:
    -picture messaging
    -better bluetooth capabilities (c’mon, my old free phone did this)
    -office mobile
    -other browsers. (explorer, firefox, opera)
    -better camera stability software
    -true GPS navigation
    -flash player for Safari
    -widescreen keyboard for every application
    Those are the ones I can think of right now

  12. When SDK is out, till year or so we will see all of this and more. Can`t wait 😉 Hope dev team will make some solution to install official apps for free )))

  13. actually you can transfer pics to another phone. Just like texting it. Just e-mail the pic to the 10 digit cell number you want to text and add the cell providers email domain. Eg: 1234567890@mms.att.net
    It really does work. It would still be easier to just ne able to text it.

  14. Hi all,

    I really miss sms forwarding, and mms service. ok we have email forwarding and email photo ability, but come on everybody likes to forward the latest text jokes.

    Where’s the video recorder??? and iphoneking hit on a great 1 with direct upload to youtbe, thats gotta be a lotta fun.

    Also im in with Firas on the 5 min email check.

    Lets see what happens on Saturday when we get the next update check

  15. alrite check it:

    if apple is going to make a person purchase third party applications, people, includig myself, wil continue hacking and installing installer on their iphon/touch because so far it has worked well and has made the iphone a much better device. Thats just wat i think. If SDK if going to be anthor “Get the iPhone apps for $20” type of thing, then i would prefer a hacked iPhone.

  16. Spotlight (for all apps including photo,email,txt,contacts,etc)
    camera improvements
    more customization-homescreen backgrounds
    Widescreen (and keyboard) for all apps

  17. i have alot of the things you are talking about. I can record video zoom i have wallpaper on my home page. All thanks to jail breaking it is so E-Z jest google ZiPhone it now can jail break 1.1.4 :) you will love it! WAIT!!!!!!!!! if you break your phone doing this no one can help:( but i have never seen any one do this wrong it is so E-Z you can go to youtube and get more vids on this type in jail break 1.1.4 :)


  19. Hi guys

    Looking at most of the previous Iphone updates they all have been 162mb could be wrong. What does this means it means that each software update is the full iphone os that says to me that the next update will also be 162 mb but will open the os.

  20. the 162mb is not the full os the os takes up a full 250+ and i have lots of game apps my fav is NES it has all the old school games :) any one have a jail broken phone i have a 1.1.4 jail break :) go to ZiPhone blog. Google it. Its the first link.

  21. so appstore coming out late june and in next software update will be push email, calendar ect thanks to microsoft exchange! Thanks apple for using microsoft to enhance the iPhone!

  22. dude that was so cool iPhone 2.0 look to make the iPhone the best OUT there. Did you see the spore demo from EA that was so cool now i want to play the game so bad. And the iFund that was like O_o $100,000,000 in the iFund WOW!!!! Apple real went all out this time. I must have update why does june have to be so far away :( and with push mail… It going to make thing a lot more easy on people. :) :) :) :) :)

  23. I’m a thirteen year old kid I’ve got and iPhone and in the next firmware update there will be an app store in its own application ,,, fact

  24. Bluetooth OBEX
    Copy Paste Function
    File System Browser
    Download Plugin
    Ability to Refresh Ipod Library with Downloaded Songs.
    Vedio Recording.
    Camera Settings * Brightness, contrast..etc*
    Digital Zoom in cameras.
    Message Forwarding.
    Ability to Edit and open MS OFFICE applications ( word powerpoint excel ).

    and more r wellcme

  25. I heard that 1.1.5 will include a microsoft exchange server that let’s you sync your contacts, mail, and calendar information wirelessly and instantly. I also heard that they are adding a few more security things.

  26. Not impressed with 2.0 features list. A little upset that I will probably have to pay for features I should have.

  27. y you have a touch i do think that for ipod touchs they sould not have to pay but apple needs to make money off whatever they can. But i still like apple.

  28. sms delivery report system

    e.g. when a msg has sent but not yet delivered it’s pale green, deep green on delivery and red on failure to deliver.

  29. I’d love the ability for upcoming calendar events to be shown on the home screen… maybe just 3 thin lines atop the screen. Kinda like when you click the home button when on a call, you get that thin green line atop that says “click here to return to call”.

    That’d be a great feature!

  30. I really hope to see a video camera in the camera portion, Bluetooth between phones to share files, and the ability to send and recieve picture messaging.

  31. omg please flash player for safari!! Its annoing having to use itransmogrify and etc etc they work but only for some things… And screen turning sideways for texting.! That would be the shit. Dont jailbreak ur iPhone ive been there done it and its not all its cracked up to be . It has a shit load of glitches crashes constantly… And if your iphone goes to shit while its jailbroke… Well goodbye iPhone and hello job because your warranty is voided. And who can live with out an iPhone! Especially if you’ve already had it for a while

  32. jail break is fun its not all crashes how were you jail breaking? I know some ways make alot of root glitches but only people who dont know how to do it get things like that. But if your phone breaks well… Good luck with getting a new iPhone. Cant wait for 2.0 it looks apple is doing what they do best taking the way look at phones and installing software and making new and fresh. But jail breaking is still better and FREE!!! I tryed to make flash player for the iPhone but the root var for internet plug-ins is blocked you cant add you take from it. Not even on a jail broken iPhone :(

  33. I would love to have voice dial or voice recognition on my iphone. Anyone know if this will be coming soon?

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