iPhone 1.1.5 Update – iPhone Firmware Version 1.1.5+ Release Date

With the release of iPhone firmware version 1.1.4 (beat my predicted release date by 2 weeks), many of us were expecting large changes – many of which were listed and noted in my last post about the iPhone 1.1.4 firmware update. There was no specific feature list released with the 1.1.4 iPhone firmware update, however Apple did release a statement saying that the 1.1.4 update is primarily for bug fixes.

Since many of us were anticipating release of the SDK with the 1.1.4 iPhone firmware update, we’ll now have to look toward the 1.1.5 firmware update for any new features. After scouring through all pages and settings on my iPhone after I installed the 1.1.4 update, I have realized that no new features are offered. Here is my question – Why was the download for the 1.1.4 update 160MB? Is it possible that the 1.1.4 update preps iPhones for the release of the SDK, however the features are just inactive until a specified date?

Either way, I’m over the latest iPhone software update, and now I’m anxiously waiting the release of the iPhone 1.1.5 firmware update. Here are some features (taken from my last post) that I’m hoping to see in the next release of the iPhone firmware:

  • Copy & Paste
  • Wi-Fi updates rather than syncing
  • Flash Player for Safari browser
  • Sync notes
  • Purchase third party apps directly from iTunes – this would be a very nice feature because if applications were sold through iTunes, it would allow the apps to be tested and approved by Apple prior to release – more on this later.
  • Send photos through text message

As for a release date of the 1.1.5 firmware… I’m predicting a mid-March release date. What features do you all want to see?

iPhone Firmware Update

Though the release date of the 1.1.5 firmware update is still unannounced and unknown, the iPhone 2.0 firmware update does have an expected release date, click here to read more.

99 thoughts on “iPhone 1.1.5 Update – iPhone Firmware Version 1.1.5+ Release Date”

  1. I have an iPhone since day 1 and I dont see any good features that every stupid phone has besides that its a sexy phone it doesent have

    (1) Gps application
    (2) 3g web
    (3) text farwarding
    (4) Windows mobile
    (5) office like excel word
    (6) video recording
    (7) send pics or files via Bluetooth or wifi
    (8) prepend a contact
    (8) camera zoom
    (9) plugin for safari
    (10) download photos files via safari
    (11) cut copy paste

    These are only the major things that I can think in this moment but I realized alot of other typical problems and

    I hope they are going to get smarter soon and realease a new version that is going to fix all these problems

  2. OK. Here is my wish list of features.
    1. Back up text messages in iTunes when syncing.
    2. Alarms should go off even when the phone is turned off. Hey my old nokia 6120 could do that.
    3. How about searching through contacts so you can call them. Why should we have scroll through all of the “A’s” to call my friend Audrey who us all the way at the bottom.
    4. Rotate the keyboard and screen 90 degrees to make for a bigger keyboard when typing.
    5. Hide access to applications. Maybe a double tap on the home screen could show all hidden apps and then you put in a password to access it.

  3. the new itesms that I would like to see in 1.1.5 r copy and paste, better batter life,the app store,voice notes, a flash player for safari so u can watch online videos,
    games that r not web apps, send photos though SMS, better e-mail,the abily to to customize ur iPhone like change the slider things like that, and the ability to highliite text, and delete emails and SMS faster not one by one.

  4. hey I jest got am email from iPhone Dev at apple. The SDK beta 2 is out I’m downloading it now.

  5. Not many seem to have noticed this one, but I think it’s as important as it would be super simple and low-tech to fix (and thus it’s even more incomprehensible why Apple is continuing to overlook this issue): With the next update, I would really like to see the phone contacts “countries list” completed which would finally enable the iphone user to enter addresses from the “other” 70% of the world’s countries, beyond the discriminatingly limited list this wonderfully worldly quad-band device sports so far…

  6. I want 1.1.5 release to allow iphone to wipe my arse, make waffles/coffee for breakfasts and attract beautiful females model to me that don’t speak a lick of english. SDK is a waste of your and more importantly, my time. ๐Ÿ˜›

  7. IPHone rocks. Me and the team all have one and we love them. They’re all jailbroken n shiZz. Got a problem playing vids on iPod touch after jbreak. Email if you have a fix or wnt free match tickets


  8. I would like to see flash player. Also a video feature or atleast zoom or something. Wireles syncing or multimedia messaging.

  9. Its all coming..But still..Apple come on! PC came all the way from dark ages and you want to beat that? Why there is so resist to Mircosoft? The whole world is on Mircosoft..Don’t be stubborn and get a life! People beg you for Macromedia Flash and Windows supported features! So make your move..!!!
    And remember all that you mantioned above is coming!
    p.s. I liked iPhone coz of touch screen and its revolutionary breakthrouth in such area, it feels real and almost alive..And all stuff in it is some kind of arabian style crap that done from back to the front..
    Microsoft rules!!! God damn me if im wrong!

  10. hey apple rocks they have done meny great things over the past years and remade the computer as we know it today. A time ago all computers were in code untill apple made GUI without it today you would have no desktop no icons and no Internet as we know it. If you don’t know what GUI is google it ๐Ÿ˜›

  11. MMS!!!!!!!
    + Bluetooth file sharing capabilities but especially MMS because everyone else does it and I’m the one with an iPhone and I cannot complete these simple tasks which is quite annoying!!!

  12. Jumping in on the GUI debate I belive that Apple actually piked it from a photocopying company called xerox
    Developed and perfected it.
    Ps looking forward to the wishlist of features you are all hoping for A2DP + copy paste would make me very happy for starters

  13. I’m all for the being able to type sideways within SMS.. Video would be sweet.. Deletion of mult. Emails.. Or just a delete all function.. MMS… More customization options.. I.e homescreen.. Speaker phone speaker loudness… Needs to be louder imo.. I want the son of a bitchin’ ringtone used it the commercials… Not these dumb sirens and xylaphones… Fuck EDGE btw…

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  15. A2DP Bluetooth support, Bluetooth file exchanging and syncing, Voice Dialing and Voice Notes, MySQL GUI Tools, Mic Gain Adjustment, Wifi – Edge Network toggle, better Wifi support, Mobile MS Office, triple tap home button application launching, Copy and Paste, built in theme support instead of having to go 3rd party.

    All in all I just want more control over my iPhone and better support for Bluetooth and Wifi and how about some cool voice features.

  16. i would like to see
    video recording
    pictures and video sent through SMS
    and flash player for safari

    i was a little dissapointed at the iphone. it cant complete simple tasks my free phone could

  17. I would like java copy/paste settings to turn the acclerometre on and off, changable background, free 3rd party apps, flash player a free update, wifi synching office word, windows live messenger,be able to access hotmail on the email without using izymail. Bye bye

  18. I would very much like to see videos being able to play 90 degrees to the right (opposite of what it is now) my fingers go over the speakers when I’m holding the phone my hands. I wish thewidescreen default was the other way that was apple most verlooked mistake!! I do it in safari and pictures(pix does nothing but whatever) and that’s it. Ohh and btw I jailbrke my phone and its good for like a week then you have to restore your phone because it turned into an ipod touch (no speakers no mic!!! Music playback doesn’t even work!) so I had to restore :( and sync my 1839 songs took forever!ยก!!!!!!

  19. I would really like to see the accelerometer be able to flip the screen when typing a text message or eamil. Sort of like it does in safari


  21. Why is it not possible when you write and sms/text – That you can turn the iphone around, and then you will have a bigger keyboard – I can NEVER hit the right letters, and therefor I hardly never write any sms on it. -Or why is it not possible to chose from a menu to have a classic mobile phone keyboard, with a ts9 wordbook, then it would be A LOT easier to hit the right letters, and write quick sms/text – I think this problem is essesntial for and update, if I should keep this phone, and not shift back to a Nokia or any other -I just can’t understand why this has not been fixed already in 1.1.2

  22. I highly doubt that the 1.1.5 update exists because up till now we have heard nothing about it and they all ready plan to have the 2.0 firmware next month

  23. The update is coming in June. This info has been out for quite some time. Mid-to end of June, is the release date.

  24. it should be able to flip the keyboard sideways while text messaging. it works on safari and there is no reason that it shouldn’t also work in text messaging

  25. Are they going to do anything wif the{bluetooth} on the phone?. my old phone has more on it

  26. YAY!!! the 2.0 FM is coming out tomorrow with the new iPhone 3G ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ Im looking forward to jail braking it ๐Ÿ˜€ that is if SSH still works, if not I will have to wait for the new ZiPhone.

  27. Whats the difference between the 1.1.5 update and 2.0. Because wouldn’t the 2.0 release be after the 1.1.5. Anyway i would love to see…

    1) Video Recording (I have it now but can only get 30 secs of video)
    2) MMS
    3) Contact Search
    3) Customizer (Currently available for unlocked phones, but would be nice if it came with the firmware)

  28. iPhone app store comming soon with 200,000+ apps to be launched on release. many many new applications to use

  29. Custom Graphic Equaliser for iPhone… PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE !?!

    U know, like iTunes has ! ! !

  30. Um 1.1.5 wasn’t anything like I expected.. :/ Nit really too many major update that I have noticed, bit I’ve only had it for like 15 minutes though.

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