WordPress 2.5 Themes – Themes That Are Compatible With WordPress 2.5

With the release of WordPress 2.5 and the further integration of tags and tags support, as well as the great integration of media and the media gallery, I’m finding myself wanting to upgrade to a theme that supports all of the new features that are offered in the WordPress administration.

Has anyone found any themes that are designed and built specifically for WordPress 2.5? If you’ve found some themes, or if you make your own themes, send me a link and I’ll post them here.

Personal Injury Lawsuits – California Personal Injury Cases

I can’t believe the number of personal injury lawsuits and cases that constantly pop up in our society today. I think its a combination of 2 things:

  1. People, for some reason, think that its okay to sue anyone and everyone for just about no reason.
  2. Lawyers see an easy way to make money in personal injury cases, so they have no problem jumping on the bandwagon and not only filing one case, but actually building an entire practice around personal injury claims.

It seems that there are more and more absurd lawsuits popping up all the time. Check out The Stella Awards which were inspired by the McDonald’s coffee spill lawsuit if you’d like to read about more absurd lawsuits.

Speaking of absurd lawsuits, check out this listing of “types” of personal injury lawsuits that I found on a random personal injury lawyers’ website:

Personal Injury Motor Vehicle Accidents
Car / Automobile

Personal Injury Products Liability
Defective Drugs
Tire Failure
Brake Failure
Air Bag Injuries

Personal Injury Public Transportation Accidents
Railroad Accident
Bus Accident
Plane Crash

Personal Injury Work Injuries
Workers’ Compensation
Machinery / Assembly Line Injuries

Personal Injury Recreational Vehicle Accidents

Personal Injury Intentional Injuries
Sexual Abuse
Police Brutality

Personal Injury Specific Injuries
Brain Injury
Dog Bite
Slip and Fall
Spinal Injury

Personal Injury Hazardous Exposure
Chemical Exposure
Lead Poisoning

Class Action Lawsuits Defined – Airborne Settles for $23.3 Million

A class action lawsuit is more or less a case when one or more members sue (or get sued). Class action lawsuits are usually brought forth in cases when a party does not have economic incentive to bring on a case individually, thus bring a large group of people into the case. Read the original post about the Airborne Class Action Settlement and how to get a refund on your purchased Airborne products.

WordPress 2.5 Plugins Auto Upgrade Feature – Automatically Update/Upgrade Plugins

One of the most impressive and useful features of WordPress 2.5 that builds on what was started in WordPress 2.3 is the capability to download and upgrade plugins without having to open your FTP client. Now, when you view your plugins page, you’ll be prompted with a couple options:

  1. A new version of your plugin is available, and it will give you a link to download the upgrade.
  2. A new link to “upgrade automatically”

Automatically Upgrade Plugin

Upon pressing the link to “upgrade automatically”, you’ll be prompted with a screen that will ask you for your FTP address and login information. Once you enter your FTP info, WordPress will do what it says… Automatically upgrade your plugin. This is a great new feature, especially for users like myself who have multiple plugins installed on their site.

Here’s what the WordPress blog says about the new functionality:

Few-click plugin upgrades — if the plugins you use are part of the plugin directory since 2.3 we’ve told you when they have an update available. Now we take that to the next logical step — downloading and installing the upgrade for you. This is dependent a little bit on your host setup, and it may ask you for your FTP password much like OS X or Windows will ask you for a password, but it works well on majority of hosts we were able to test, your mileage may very, plugins in mirror may be larger than they appear.

WordPress 2.5 Now Available – Testing the New WordPress 2.5 User Interface

The new and heavily anticipated version of WordPress, WordPress 2.5, is now available for download and will start making users happy immediately. The new and improved WordPress 2.5 has shifted from a standard user interface to a new user interface that puts a heavier focus on writing. In addition to the better focus on writing (since WordPress is a blogging application) there have been improvements in the WYSIWIG editor as well as in the plugins manager, now allowing plugins to be updated automatically, which is a really nice feature.

Download the new WordPress 2.5 today and share your thoughts on the new features and improvements

Fast Full-Screen Previews in Picasa – Best Photo Management Software Program

If you’ve read this blog before, you know that I’m a big fan of Google’s Picasa for managing photos, and sharing photos online. A new tip that was recently released on the Google Photos Blog allows you to view a full-screen preview of the picture without having to double-click the photo. Simply hold the “Ctrl” key and then press and hold the “Alt” key. While both keys are held down, you’ll have a full-screen preview of the photo. Once you release the “Alt” key, you will be taken directly back to the library view.

Check out the full post at the Google Photos Blog – Google Photos Blog: Quick tip: super-fast full-screen previews.

Xbox Blanket Trick – Fix Your Xbox 360 with the Blanket Trick

I’ve had a lot of comments on my post about my Broken Xbox 360 – Flashing Red Ring of Light (RoL) and there have been quite a few people who have been crazy enough to try the “Blanket Trick” in order to fix their Xbox disregarding the potential this has to fry the Xbox 360 and render it useless.

Basically, what the “Blanket Trick” does is it essentially causes your Xbox to overheat. The overheating of the Xbox causes a faulty solder connection to heat up enough in order to reconnect itself. Crazy, but true. It seems like there have been a lot of people who have had good results with this technique to solve the red ring of light problem on the Xbox 360. I’m curious to hear all of your stories. Is there anybody out there who has absolutely fried their Xbox by doing this? Let us know!!!

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A program can’t display a message on your desktop – Windows Vista – Interactive services dialog detection

I used to have this problem when I first installed Windows Vista, and I can’t remember what I did to make it go away, but it did go away for quite awhile. But now, that problem is back since the installation of Windows Vista Service Pack 1. I’m once again getting the following error message:

The dialog box is titled: Interactive services dialog detection

The message within the box reads:

A program can’t display a message on your desktop

The program may need information or permission to complete a task.
Why does this happen?

  • Show the message
  • Remind me in a few minutes

Upon clicking on the “Why does this happen?” link, I get the following dialog box:

Why can’t a program display its own message on my desktop?

Some devices and programs that are not fully compatible with Windows do not display their messages on your desktop, but may need your permission or other information to complete a task. To access these messages, click the Show me the message button.

Only one user at a time can access these messages. If another user is already accessing a message, you cannot check the request until after the other user has finished. Windows will notify you again if the request has not been resolved.

Check with the manufacturer of this device or program for more information on how to fix this issue.

I find it funny that I am getting this message from Windows Internet Explorer. When I click on Show program details, I get teh following information:

Message title: Windows Internet Explorer
Program path: C:\Windows\system32\IEFRAME.dll
Received: Today, March 19, 2008, 25 minutes ago

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WTF??? Windows Internet Explorer is not longer compatible with Windows? This is lame.

Brett Favre Retires – Brett Favres emotional retirement press conference video

Video Clip of Brett Favre’s Retirement Speech

Favre’s Complete Retirement Speech

Brett Favre’s Voice Message on his decision

Analysis of Brett Favre’s Retirement

I’d like to say that Brett Favre is going to pull a Michael Jordan and come out of retirement, but after contemplating retirement after the previous few seasons, I think that this is the real deal. Brett Favre had a great NFL career and we’ll all miss seeing him on the field on Sundays.

iPhone 2.0 Update – iPhone 2.0 Firmware Release Date

It is official, the iPhone 2.0 update will be released in June and with it will come many new features including push email support which can be used for corporate email servers, support for third party apps which will be available for purchase from the iTunes store – one of the much anticipated applications will be AOL instant messenger.

The biggest question that remains about the iPhone 2.0 update is whether or not Apple will be charging users for 3rd party application downloads through the iTunes store. If Apple does decide to charge for 3rd party apps, I would imaging that we’d start to see many more people jailbreaking their iPhones in order to get the already available functionality of adding third party apps.

While you’re waiting for the release of the iPhone 2.0 firmware release during June as the current estimated release date, check out my article on the iPhone 1.1.5 firmware update and comment on some of the features that you’d like to see in the next iPhone update.