Airborne Class Action Lawsuit – You can expect a refund check if you’ve used Airborne

Apparently, Airborne’s claim that it prevents colds was false advertising and the company that produces, markets and sells Airborne has been mandated to repay 23+ million back to consumers who have purchased Airborne between 2001 through 2007. The “clinical study” that is on the Airborne package is false and was debunked by ABC news. I guarantee you that Airborne, Inc. absolutely hates ABC now… only CBS news for the Airborne board of directors now.

So can you get a refund? Yes… You can get a refund for each bottle of Airborne that you bought; price paid (excluding sales tax) with the receipt. If you don’t have the receipt, you can still get money back for up to 6 bottles of Airborne if you decide to become part of the Airborne class action lawsuit. There’s no telling if you’ll actually get your refund, or how many refunds will be sent out, but the lawsuit stipulates that should there be any money left in the settlement, it will be donated to a non-profit organization or charity. Go here for more informaiton on the Airborne Class Action Settlement.

9 thoughts on “Airborne Class Action Lawsuit – You can expect a refund check if you’ve used Airborne”

  1. Used this product alot for traveling on planes ,my husband and I.Gave this to my daughter for colds,prevent colds and germs while you travel!!!!!

  2. I’ve used this product forever and even though the claims weren’t scientifically proven, I really like the product and I think it works.

    I’ll continue to use it… It’s like a super-vitamin!!!

  3. Hello, you have on your search?
    A very uncomfortable all the time to search for information manually.

  4. Wow, I just got my settlement check today. I forgot what it was for until I came up and did a search for Airborne Class Action Settlement. Oh yeah, I remember now. I filed a claim a while ago for this. My check was for $52.47. Sweet!

  5. I just received my settlement check in the mail today: $63 to pay for up to 6 boxes of Airborne. (Time to go stimulate the economy!)

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