iPhone 2.0 Update – iPhone 2.0 Firmware Release Date

It is official, the iPhone 2.0 update will be released in June and with it will come many new features including push email support which can be used for corporate email servers, support for third party apps which will be available for purchase from the iTunes store – one of the much anticipated applications will be AOL instant messenger.

The biggest question that remains about the iPhone 2.0 update is whether or not Apple will be charging users for 3rd party application downloads through the iTunes store. If Apple does decide to charge for 3rd party apps, I would imaging that we’d start to see many more people jailbreaking their iPhones in order to get the already available functionality of adding third party apps.

While you’re waiting for the release of the iPhone 2.0 firmware release during June as the current estimated release date, check out my article on the iPhone 1.1.5 firmware update and comment on some of the features that you’d like to see in the next iPhone update.

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  1. The ability to download photos and ringtones from 3rd party sites, like 3gforfree. Also, the biggest thing would be the ability to view attachments from emails.

  2. mike:
    You can already download ringtones and other . Mp3 files directly to ur iPhone or iPod touch from any website. Just add the ispazio source and download the apps: send file, and netservices. This will allow you to download .Mp3 files. Plus, you can already view attachments on the mail app.

  3. a forward option for txt massages would be great!! Also something like active sync that works with ur iTunes library would be awsome!!!! And this probably won’t happen but the iPhone should have a3-d option on maps like on google earth. I mean the iPhones hardware could support it.

  4. Bluetooth file sharing, its a shame it isn’t still in it, and the video function is welcome 2, i had a sony erricsson before and it could do a lot more then the advanced apple iPhone. Grtz

  5. next version needs copy and paste, the ability to let you watch videos and stuff, LOUDER TEXT MESSAGE NOISES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, the ability to let you turn the screen horizontoly on most things, better bluetooth that lets you send pictures and songs to other phones and pc’s and mac’s.

  6. You don’t need to jailbreak to add ringtones. Just get a 30 second clip of something, convert it to M4P (AAC conversion in iTunes) and rename the extension of the file to M4R. iTunes will add it as a ringtone and you can then just sync it up. If you want a louder rings, make one, just increase the volume of the individual file and convert away.

  7. There should be a version of iChat for the iPhone
    and for iPhone ringtones you can just go to myxertones.com and there is an option to dl for iphone then just put it in your itunes and sync

  8. The one feature that I would really like to see is being able to use your iPod as an alarm rather than the pre-selected sounds and ringtones. That would make waking up so much better!!!

  9. i would like to see, well in my iphone, the ablilty to record videos, and to foward text messages. Also, the ablility to purchase song through att instead of having to connect to wifi

  10. For all of you who are recommending a Copy & Paste feature, how do you want this to work?

    • Use 2 fingers to highlight text?
    • Use 1 finger to drag and highlight text?
    • Do you have any other options/solutions?

    Thought this might be a good conversation, and it may be a good way to help Apple perfect Copy & Paste on the iPhone.

  11. picture messagin damn it!!!! O and a foward button on text messages because I always get chain mail about God and it makes me feel bad that I don’t send the message to everybody!

  12. Hey guys, I have a quick question. I have an iPod Touch with FW 1.1.4 and Jan upgrade. I have Jailbroke my iPod Touch and am wondering, upon the 2.0 upgrade, if anyone knows if I can upgrade my iPTouch with out having to unjailbreak it. Once the update comes out, could someone maybe help me out?

  13. voice to text, flash/LED light, solar powered, louder speakers, finger print scanner, video recorder, a program to be able to use ur phone as a remote to your tv, remote starter to your car, James Bond stuff!!!!

  14. I like the James bond stuff, flash, java, mms, video recording, needs laser cutter for my spy activities, and ive always imagined the iPhone as a perfect light saber handle

  15. Picture messenging – definately — I hate having to e-mail pictures to phones…pictures should be as easy as texting…

    Copy & paste…yeah I want this one too…

    But the bluetooth needs to get better…since the 1.1.4 update, there is a delay in connecting while answering calls, dialing calls, etc. on my 2007 G35…

    Also, I can’t play visual voicemail through the bluetooth or through my stereo with the standard apple audio/video cable for the ipod/iphone…this really annoying having to select speaker everytime…

  16. it would help if we could have flash player and a better antena since the iPhone only works really good outdoors but in indoors its really bad

  17. @David: Flash would be pointless on the iPhone. Also, most phones don’t work well indoors, and there is no antenna. It’s just a black covering at the bottom on the back of the iPhone where the wifi is and the other connecting stuff.

  18. Copy/Paste. Display attachments. VOICE DIALING (Maybe by holding the headphones button??) why have hands free headset if you have to look at it to make a call! Better bluetooth communication to allow file transfers so i dont have to use a PC to get files from one phone to another. Text message tone customisation..

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