Xbox Blanket Trick – Fix Your Xbox 360 with the Blanket Trick

I’ve had a lot of comments on my post about my Broken Xbox 360 – Flashing Red Ring of Light (RoL) and there have been quite a few people who have been crazy enough to try the “Blanket Trick” in order to fix their Xbox disregarding the potential this has to fry the Xbox 360 and render it useless.

Basically, what the “Blanket Trick” does is it essentially causes your Xbox to overheat. The overheating of the Xbox causes a faulty solder connection to heat up enough in order to reconnect itself. Crazy, but true. It seems like there have been a lot of people who have had good results with this technique to solve the red ring of light problem on the Xbox 360. I’m curious to hear all of your stories. Is there anybody out there who has absolutely fried their Xbox by doing this? Let us know!!!

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14 thoughts on “Xbox Blanket Trick – Fix Your Xbox 360 with the Blanket Trick”

  1. My kids are crazy about xbox. Everytime I have to shut their TV down. I always believed xbox is addiction and now scientists got proof of it :) . But all in all great console , much better than playstation (yes i like xbox).

    Hey , by the way , nice blog , I really enjoyed info in it .

  2. The worst that can happen is that the Xbox will just go back to the RRoD. I tried it, and just worked for a … uhm…. 2 hours longer? Then it went back to the same.

  3. I had a recent experience with this. My Xbox 360 Elite laser is going bad, every time i play a game it tells me the disc is dirty. So i asked my roommate where his old xbox was, he had it in his closet because he had the red ring of death on it; i was planning on using it while i send my Elite in to Microsoft. Anyway, i heard word of mouth about the blanket trick so we said why not, it’s already got the red ring of death (roommates old xbox). So we plugged in the power and audio/video cable (not connected to tv) and the red ring came on but the fans were still going. I took all the blankets i had in my livingroom and wrapped it as tight as i could while laying on it for maximum heat. The xbox’s fans got louder and louder and i started to wonder if this was seriously going to work. It got really loud after about 10 min then it was completely silent. I unwrapped the xbox and all the blankets and the console were extremely hot. The xbox was still on (red ring) but it wasn’t making a single sound. I disconnected the wiring and put it in my freezer for about 10 min. After that it was quite cool, plugged it in AND IT WORKS PERFECTLY!!!! This is a serious, true story. The blanket trick indeed DOES work on the RED RING OF DEATH! So if any of you out there get this red ring, that is the signal that THE XBOX WANTS INTENSE HEAT!! give it the heat (aka blankets) and it will work!

  4. I had the RROD for awhile before i heard of this trick jus did it like 5 mins ago and so far my x box works perfectly

  5. i had 2 xbox one the RROD because the video wne tout and another the NYKO intercooler melted into it. i didnt wanna pay $99 to repair both so i took my old one,the video bad one, did this trick thinkin “this is bull this sint gonna work” but it did and im still laughin about it.

    Also, None by Nyko Intercooler it WILL melt into your xbox and break it for good.

  6. I just did it…and it worked like a charm!! It’s only been on for like 10 minutes, but it doesn’t seem to be acting up. I did it because i had already opened my system up, so there was no chance of warranty. glad i did it.

  7. ummm it broke i tried it but it just didnt work when i bought it i hit a button and a cup holder came out and i put my cup there and it broke off now i have the red rings and i got angry and yelled at my xbox but it ignored me so i stoped talking to him hes mean now

  8. Yes the blanket trick completely fried my xbox 360, and i already had opened it so I cant send it to Microsoft to get it repaired. So now I have to buy a knew one if I want to keep on playing.

  9. the blanket trick worked for me i only need it to work temporarly till i get a new one but as of now its runnin strong

  10. hey the blanket is not a permanent fix what it does do however is override the 3ring but only after you left it cool down and to use the blanket trick without damaging the overall system is you have to take it apart pull your fans off the chasis and leave it on the gpu because its the cpu that has the heat control unit once it hits the 2 blinks let it sit there for a lil bit and you should be golden however every time you do the 3 lights your also messing up the ram heat systems little by little.

  11. as i am writing this my xbox is sitting on the floor wrapped in a blanket hoping this will get rid of RROD. I will update as soon as i find out wot happens

  12. i have did this to my old xbox like 5 times it workes every time but now my xbox is working and i can play games but the 3 red ligts are still on im saying i tunrn it on it u can play games and the 3 red lights are sitll on idk

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