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If you’ve read this blog before, you know that I’m a big fan of Google’s Picasa for managing photos, and sharing photos online. A new tip that was recently released on the Google Photos Blog allows you to view a full-screen preview of the picture without having to double-click the photo. Simply hold the “Ctrl” key and then press and hold the “Alt” key. While both keys are held down, you’ll have a full-screen preview of the photo. Once you release the “Alt” key, you will be taken directly back to the library view.

Check out the full post at the Google Photos Blog – Google Photos Blog: Quick tip: super-fast full-screen previews.

3 thoughts on “Fast Full-Screen Previews in Picasa – Best Photo Management Software Program”

  1. But that’s plain ridiculous – the full screen view and browse mode should not require you to hold pressed keys! Currently there is only one way in picasa to enter full-screen browsing mode – that is to launch slideshow.
    But why why why isn’t there a full screen browsing mode, supporting resizing pics match screen resolution and occupy the most possible screen area?
    And it should allow to bring up tags and other options FROM THAT FULL SCREEN MODE. Seems plain and simple to me, but again it seems Google team are not actually using their product to browse images, or they have some peculiar way of thinking about picture browsing. Press ctrl and alt – hold them, and then press arrow keys to browse to next foto! come on guys< are you kidding us?

  2. I would like to view photos in a full screen and be able to delete it and jump on the next on. ctr+alt is not an option, in addition it is not working correctly on my mac for some reason

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