Grand Canyon Flood – Flooding the Grand Canyon to revive wildlife

Grand Canyon Flood - Flooding the Grand Canyon Since the Glen Canyon Damn was built in the Grand Canyon nearly 4 decades ago (forming Lake Powell), the annual floods of the canyon have been limited, if not ceased altogether. These annual floods were caused by snow-melt and runoff from other streams and rivers, and in the end they helped infuse the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon with sediment, sandbars and beaches. The flooding is now seen as a necessity by ecologists and hydrologists to maintain the ecosystem within the Colorado River. It seems that the periodic flooding of the Grand Canyon will actually help wildlife, including the humpback chub, which is now seen in lower numbers than ever.

Brett Favre Retires – Favre decides to hang it up after a successful 2007 season

It turns out that the slipped article on the official Green Bay Packers website was in fact a tease of what was yet to come, as Brett Favre officially announced his retirement on Tuesday, March 4th 2008. Brett Favre told press that if he returned for another year, anything less than a Super Bowl win would feel like a failure. Favre leaves after 17 seasons with Packers and hold 4 records… 3 of which he can be proud of: Most Touchdown Passes – 442, Most Passing Yards – 61,655, Most Wins by Quarterback – 160, and the final stat… Interceptions – 288.

Favre’s Top 10 Career Moments (as listed at

  1. Super Bowl XXXI
    Date: Jan. 26, 1997
    Score: Packers 35, Patriots 21
    Why it mattered: Favre passed for two touchdowns (54, 81 yards) — including one on the second play of the game — and ran for another in the Packers’ first Super Bowl in 29 years.
  2. Playing for his father
    Date: Dec. 22, 2003
    Score: Packers 41, Raiders 7
    Why it mattered: Just one day after the sudden death of his father, Irv, Favre passed for 399 yards and four touchdowns on “Monday Night Football” in a blowout win.
  3. The legend begins
    Date: Sept. 20, 1992
    Score: Packers 24, Bengals 23
    Why it mattered: Favre joined Green Bay prior to the season and played in mop-up duty the week before as the Pack fell to 0-2. This day, he came off the bench to replace an injured Don Majkowski and threw the game-winning TD pass to Kitrick Taylor with 13 seconds remaining.
  4. Record breaking
    Date: Sept. 30, 2007
    Score: Packers 23, Vikings 16
    Why it mattered: In his former house of horrors (the Metrodome), Favre throws a pair of touchdown passes — his first being the 421st of his career, making him the NFL’s all-time leader in that category.
  5. Playoff bound
    Date: Dec. 18, 1994
    Score: Packers 21, Falcons 17
    Why it mattered: Favre orchestrated a final drive, capped off when he ran for the game-winning touchdown with 14 seconds left against the Falcons to keep the Packers’ playoff hopes alive. Green Bay ended up making the playoffs for the second straight season.
  6. NFC Wild Card
    Date: Jan. 8, 1994
    Score: Packers 28, Lions 24
    Why it mattered: Trailing 24-21 in Detroit, Favre threw a 40-yard touchdown pass to Sterling Sharpe with 55 seconds left for the Packers’ first playoff win in 11 years.
  7. Tying Marino
    Date: Sept. 23, 2007
    Score: Packers 31, Chargers 24
    Why it mattered: With the Packers trailing by four points late in the fourth quarter, Favre throws a 57-yard TD pass to Greg Jennings for the go-ahead score. It was the 420th touchdown pass in Favre’s career, tying Dan Marino for the all-time record.
  8. Medical marvel
    Date: Dec. 24, 1995
    Score: Packers 24, Steelers 19
    Why it mattered: In a game the Packers needed to win to win the NFC Central, Favre, the victim of a crushing hit, came back after coughing up blood to throw a touchdown pass to tight end Mark Chmura.
  9. MVP-bound
    Date: Nov. 12, 1995
    Score: Packers 35, Bears 28
    Why it mattered: Favre returns just one week after severely spraining his ankle to toss for 336 yards and a career-high five touchdown passes. He would go on to win his first MVP that season.
  10. MNF miracle
    Date: Sept. 11, 1995
    Score: Packers 27, Bears 24
    Why it mattered: Favre tied an NFL record with a 99-yard touchdown pass to Robert Brooks in the second quarter on “Monday Night Football” — and finished the game with 312 pass yards and three touchdowns.

Honorable mention
• Oct. 10, 1999: Packers 26, Buccaneers 23. Favre led his third fourth-quarter comeback in the first four games of the season against the Bucs on his 30th birthday (Favre also led late game-winning drives against the Raiders and Vikings in Weeks 1 and 2).

• Nov. 29, 2004: Packers 45, Rams 17. In his 200th consecutive regular-season start, Favre threw for three touchdowns on 18-of-27 passing for 215 yards against the Rams on “Monday Night Football.”

Thanks to for compiling the Top 10 list, even though Brett Favre’s career really deserves a Top 100 or even a Top 1,000 list.

We’ll miss you #4

Airborne Class Action Lawsuit – You can expect a refund check if you’ve used Airborne

Apparently, Airborne’s claim that it prevents colds was false advertising and the company that produces, markets and sells Airborne has been mandated to repay 23+ million back to consumers who have purchased Airborne between 2001 through 2007. The “clinical study” that is on the Airborne package is false and was debunked by ABC news. I guarantee you that Airborne, Inc. absolutely hates ABC now… only CBS news for the Airborne board of directors now.

So can you get a refund? Yes… You can get a refund for each bottle of Airborne that you bought; price paid (excluding sales tax) with the receipt. If you don’t have the receipt, you can still get money back for up to 6 bottles of Airborne if you decide to become part of the Airborne class action lawsuit. There’s no telling if you’ll actually get your refund, or how many refunds will be sent out, but the lawsuit stipulates that should there be any money left in the settlement, it will be donated to a non-profit organization or charity. Go here for more informaiton on the Airborne Class Action Settlement.