– Visual Studio 2008 – Fucked Up Characters In .aspx Files –  – WTF

Anyone notice that when they compile an application in Visuial Studio 2008 every .aspx page gets these 3 characters at the start of the file: 

WTF is that?

One thought on “ – Visual Studio 2008 – Fucked Up Characters In .aspx Files –  – WTF”

  1. Those are the marks some Windows applications use to distinguish UTF-8 from ASCII (they are a translation of the U+FEFF byte order marks into UTF-8). I’ve never done anything with VS and aspx, so I don’t know how to get rid of them. Maybe there is a way to tell VS to save things in UTF-8 without the marks (if you still want them to be UTF-8) or to just save them in ASCII (if you don’t care about UTF-8).

    If you are curious, Wikipedia has some info about the marks on the page about UTF-8:

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