iPhone 2.0 Update Feature Request – Video Recording – Record and Upload Videos on iPhone

I’ll be posting about some of the most common iPhone feature requests that we see here as comments on this blog. I might have a tendency to post about features that I’d like to see with more depth and detail than features that would be less usable and more “flashy” than anything else.

One feature that is requested by many users is iPhone video recording capability. As a software developer, I think that this should definitely be an upcoming feature in the June Release of the iPhone 2.0 Firmware Update. The reason I say that, is because the iPhone already has all of the necessary hardware to enable video recording – it has a camera, and it has a microphone. The reason that I think it’d be a very useful feature, is because the iPhone is already integraded with YouTube. It’d be great for both YouTube and iPhone owners if users could simply record and upload video directly from their iPhone. Just think of the usefulness of that! Just a for instance – let’s say you go to a birthday party of your relative and your cousin wasn’t able to make it, you could record video of everyone singing happy birthday and upload it to YouTube and immediately send a link from your iPhone to your cousin, and they could in turn, check out the video… IMMEDIATELY!!!

In my opinion, I definitely think that iPhone video recording will be something that we see in the June Update for the iPhone 2.0 Firmware.

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