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So I was driving into my office today, and I heard an advertisement for a program called the “American Gas Relief Program” and/or the “American Gas Rebate Program”. The advertisement states that you can get gas for $2.49 per gallon. If you’re interested, you can check it out here: but just keep in mind that it’s really not that simple. To get this deal, you apparently need to complete offers (I’m assuming credit card offers, or magazine subscriptions… I really didn’t dig too deep) in order to get a gas card which is said to cover the price of gas to $2.49 per gallon with up to 15 gallons per offer.

Here are some alternative offers that I have found while browsing the web:

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  1. I did this as well and it worked. I didnt have to do any credit cards or magazine subscriptions. I was actually a little surprised on how many actual offers and brands there were to choose from. Since I got my card and I know it works. I think it is definately something worth doing and will be doing again.

  2. I think the gas releif card is a scam you have to buy an offer to get the card. and who wants to spend money when the gas prices are taking it. that radio deal needs to tell the truth of how you get it. I feel it is misleading and people need to be aware of this. Nothing is free, there is always a price to pay.

  3. I agree with the above comments that it is a scam, misleading, and nothing is free. They lure you in with optional, free clicks, then the next levels require applying for credit cards, memberships, or subscriptions. I wasted a lot of time really trying to get that “free card” or the equivelant as they put it. I ended up connected with and a continuous maze of hurdles to get through. I could go on. Don’t waste your time.

  4. I also went to this site to see what it’s all about. They don’t really tell you anything up front and you have to dig for the info. I actually read the terms and agreement which was nothing more than a disclaimer for absolutely any issues that arise from using anything that you are sent by the sponsors of the program. I really think it’s a scam. I wasn’t able to complete registering b/c my firewall blocked it from trying to put spyware on my computer.

  5. Total Scam, I contacted the company and they came back and said that I do have to sign up for offers to get the card and it takes 30 days to verifiy and 10 days to ship the card. The commercial flat out LIES! Also some of the deals have restrictions where you have to wait out the 30 days before cancelling and if you cancell during the free period you dont get the card. It’s retarded!

  6. Thanks for the info Jerry! I’m surprised that you actually go tthrough when calling them! I would think that a site like that would just lead to dead end after dead end.

    Thanks again for the info!

  7. I love that most people are soo scared of these type of promotions.. that is what they are promotions.. there are a number of companies that give incentives for you to go to their stores or buy their products. People just dont want to work or take the time for them. People (Americans) are lazy, will always be lazy and scared of any type of promotion that just doesnt give them what they want.

    This type of approach is the same as Chryslers deal (I see they ever compare themselves to them). Do you know how many ‘gas card’ deals are out there.. this site seems to have just started to compile them all in one place.

    If you dont want to do it – DONT DO IT. But for some of us, which $50 or $200 dollars of gas MAKES A DIFFERENCE for us… so be it!

    Its tic for tac… if I want to try some coffee for $5 and get a $25 card card for doing so… so be it! Makes sense to me. What the hell do I care if someone has another one of my email addresses?

    Americas are scared to death of anything and everything that just doesnt give them what they want.. God forbid you have to think of actually “trade”.

  8. Patleo, what nationality are you? I’m just curious since you are an American hater. Also you obviously do not use this program because if you did you would know that its not buying a $5 cup of coffee to get a $25 card. Its signing up for deals that require credit card information, waiting on the phone for hours trying to cancel those deals and then waiting 30 days to get a gas card in the mail. If you actually used the program you would know this, or maybe you just hate American’s and thought this to be an appropriate forum to unleach your rage and discontent.

  9. Jerry –

    100% American, I am NOT an American hater, much to the contary. However, anyone educated would know that in comparision to the world. Americans are by far lazier. Yes, I have done the program and yes, some of the programs are continuity clubs – however you easily cancel them via email. (Which I have done many times) You email itself proves my point. Your perception is just that …”waiting on the phone for hours trying to cancel those deals and then waiting 30 days to get a gas card in the mail.” Waiting for hours – huh? 30 Days Huh? … I usually don’t respond to these type of “comments”, however, your typical response warrented some clarification. Go back to sitting in front of your computer Jerry and complaining. Trust no one, Be upset at everyone, and yes by know I am sure you are mad at even me.

    BTW, it seems that you are “using this forum to unleach your rage and discontent”… which my money is on you posting another “rage” post back to me, which will only prove my point.

  10. WWW(dot)RADIOGASDEAL(dot)COM IS A SCAM!! I signed up for a few offers like Netflix, Blockbuster, and eFax, because they give you a “Trial” period. I also make a $5.00 purchse from VistaPrint. The only company that logged something was VistaPrint. The others never “submitted my name” over to RadioGasDeal. I ended up cancelling everything. I checked the www(dot)radiogasdeal(dot)com site today and it’s already been changed to some other site called WWW(dot)AMERICASREBATE(dot)COM Steer clear of this company!! Luckily, I used a disposable email address so I wont get tons of spam.

  11. You never can tell who scamming. I took a flyer at this website and bought thier $29.95 card to get $60 of cheap gas – LOL. To my surprise I actually got a check in 2 weeks – even though they told me 4-6 weeks. Thier web site is not too good, and you have to fill out paperwork. So I gusess if you are lazy and and can’t read this one is not for you.

  12. I use these types of sites all the time and get cash or gift cards. They get commissions for you clicking through their site and just share part of their profits. The same idea that your credit card gives you % back for shopping at certain stores.

    Some are scams meaning they do not pay out but most are not. I have never tried this one and since I have done so many offers already on other sites I do not think there are any left for me to do here.

    I always get paid on the sites I use.

    Anyway just found this trying to find gas deals for a trip.

  13. Too often, innocent consumers are scammed for trusting ‘businesses’ that promise ‘too good to be true’ offers. When these folks lose money (or, in worst case scenarios, lose their identity), many others have a tendency to think, “I can’t believe that people still fall for these scams!” Sometimes, learning from others’ mistakes can save one’s time, money, and credit rating. People shy away from such offers for good reason. Kind of like children who know to not take candy from strangers. The offer can look very attractive and unassuming, but it’s probably best to err on the side of caution. I am interested in the idea of ‘free…whatever’, but it pays to do your homework before allowing any company to take you for a ride. I believe it’s safe to say that many educated people would agree with this. So, in protecting my and my family’s best interest, I found this site in search for more info. I’m sure that many, who have posted here, had found this page by being responsible and checking for more details before giving up personal information. This would also suggest that some people are motivated enough to take time to research an offer that may be sketchy. Personally, I don’t think ‘lazy’ individuals would bother with doing any investigating. Lazy people will do as little work as possible; that’s a bit of a no-brainer. As for those who think otherwise, I’ll be happy to sell my last bridge (up for grabs) in London…So, ACT NOW! Common sense is terribly overrated anyway…

  14. I participated in this program. I gave them my money, saved my
    receits and religiously submitted them within their guidlines. I did this
    for 5 months and I received ONE card for $25 worth of gas. I’m convinced it’s a scam!!

  15. I am a distributor for Ventures Services. Their 2011 Platinum Savings Gas
    Certificate Redemption Program was one of the best promotions I’d seen but it was so good that most people thought it was a scam even though Ventures received an A from the Better Business Bureau. Unfortunately, the processing time for these gas cards was 10 to 14 weeks and due to the continued rise in gas prices, VSI had to revamp their gas certificate program. Any redeemed certificates after May 2, will receive gas rebate cards instead of gift cards with a value up to $325.00. Additionally, the processing time is down to 4 to 6 weeks. This is still a good program and will help defray the high cost of gas. Unlike these other programs, there are no participation requirements to benefit from these savings.

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