Gas Relief Program, Gas Discounts – Saving Money On Gas Could Be a Rip Off/Scam

As gas prices climb higher and higher, we will begin to see more and more gas relief programs, and gas relief scams that promise prices of $2.49 per gallon, or promise free gas cards. The moral of the story is that gas releif programs are actually made possible by getting users to sign up for some other type of service. These gas relief programs, such as, radio gas deal, America’s gas relief program, America’s gas rebate program… I’m sure there are others out there that I may be forgetting. Anyhow, all of these gas rebate and gas relief programs are typically just affiliate marketers that get some sort of commission for having people sign up for credit card offers and magazine offers, when the owners of these sites receive their commissions, they in turn offer a gas card, or some type of gasoline rebate, keeping the difference in their commission less the gas rebate card.

Is this a scam? No, not necessarily, I’ve received a few emails and comments from people who said that they completed this successfully, however, it does take some time and effort on the part of the end user. Am I signing up for these gasoline relief programs? No, I’m just getting it stuck to me at the pump… currently paying $4.43 for regular in Southern California. What are you guys paying elsewhere?

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  1. I am paying $4.50 plus a gallon in NY. I am outside the city by 25 miles. This is horrible all around and these are hard times. I don’t mind the filling out of offers and whatnot to save $2.00 a gallon but lets all do the math. If you have to sign up for netflix as an example to get a gas card that saves $2.00 a gallon well how many total gallons does the card save you versus the cost of the monthly netflix subscription? If the card is worth say 50 gallons of gas and at $2.00 a gallon savings that equals $100 for me but netflix, a subscription I have never had costs me $10 a month for a 12 month commitment than I just spent $120 to save $100. I am now $20 less in my budget. Granted, I have a few movies to watch now each months but what is the point to the “savings”? Now imagine that you have complete multiple “offers” from the gas relief site. You can easily cost yourself more than you are saving. DO THE MATH and see if there really is a savings towards your overall budget or if in fact you are hurting yourself.

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