Halo 4, Start a New Fight – Halo 4 Leak, Halo 4 Screenshots & Information

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So now that Halo 3 is getting old, people are starting to look for the next best thing, which of course will be Halo 4. Though no release date has been set yet, we can all rest assured that Bungie is alreadly deep into the development of Halo 4. After all, they’re not just going to let the biggest video game empire in the history of gaming just fall apart, right? Hell no, Bungie and Microsoft will ride Halo until something better comes along… oh, wait… there is nothing better than Halo. (Except Halo 2, and the only thing better than that is Halo 3, and the only thing that will better than that is Halo 4). But until Halo 4 is released, Halo 3 will reign supreme as the best video game on earth. The only question left to ask, is will Halo 4 be developed for the Xbox 360, or will Bungie and Microsoft combine forces to use Halo 4 to coincide with the launch of the Xbox 3, or the Xbox 720 (who knows what they’re going to call it).

Halo 4 Update

The next Halo (Halo 4) has officially been announced by Bungie. This is not Halo ODST, this next version will be called Halo Reach and will be the next installment of the current Halo Trilogy. Stay tuned for more as we get updates.

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143 thoughts on “Halo 4, Start a New Fight – Halo 4 Leak, Halo 4 Screenshots & Information”

  1. Guys no halo 4, and this (bill guy) is a fake, obviously a bungie employee would have better grammar (in my opinion) bungie has been talking about a secret project if you notice in there interviews…. The interviewers ask but they can’t be told its not Halo Reach, but from the looks of it Bungie is thinking of making “Halo Forunner” as sad by Machinima, and yes it is true that bungie sold the rights to microsoft but that doesn’t mean there’s not going to be anymore halo games, it sounds like theres going to be a “Halo wars 2” as made by microsoft. Guys we just have to wait bungie likes to take there time on halo games if you haven’t noticed, halo 1 and 2 were amazing halo 3 had the suckiest story line ever.. (again in my opinion) but I loved the game! So guys lets just wait no need to rush Bungie… 😛

  2. And that Bungie member is bull shiz, bungies not going to realease any news about any other halo games for a while except Halo Reach…

  3. halo reach is coming out shortly and its gonna have better multiplayer and campaigne story. its meant to be the story of reach before halo 1. since i have halo 3 odst i will get to be a beta tester( unless my irrasponsible brothers brake it). this game will rock the planet. bungie might show what happend to master chief but who knows.

  4. im in Sydny NSW(New South Wales) Australia ands it 9:04 pm here.
    itll be half a year till hlao reach comes out and I have seen a multiplayer trailer on Bungie.net its gonna be good.

  5. loolololololololololoololololololololololoololololololol. i like to type random stuff down that no one whants to hear about. i read that E=mcsquared means the denser an object the more heavier ( density means how close together the atoms are the closer together the more denser) say like you had a bar of gold and then someone increased its density by 10 it would look smaller but it would be heavier then the originale form. halo reach rules and you can’t say this had nothing to do with it cause i said halo reach on it. the more you learn words apear and you say wtf.

  6. halo 4 i was told is never gonna come out and there bringing out things during the first 3 halo gamesw halo games in between and before

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  9. I have a super brain so i can type stuff(its tricky because my fingers don’t work like yours) and i have made my own 360 remote and thus plays the game halo 3 and i would enjoy halo reach

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  13. Halo 4 will come out. My small ear pores told me that Hideo Kojima will help develop and produce it.

    Turtles… Yummy.

  14. Hurrshmurber I remember when the sky was bluer. Kidsh need to stop playing video gamesh because I’m jealous of them.

  15. Believe what you will. Halo 4: Reach will be released later this summer. The game is completed and being beta tested as we speak. It will be on the Xbox360 platform and will be announced mid-July. Pre-orders are already being accepted.

  16. Halo Reach is not Halo 4. Otherwise it would be called Halo 4. It is being released in the fall, not the summer. The beta ended a month ago.

  17. Hi, I’m having troubles loading your website. around 50% of the post appears to load, and the rest is just blank. I am not quite certain why…. but you may want to give it a look. I will check back later, this could be on my side.

  18. IF you want to play halo 4 5 6 buy the first person shooter marathon trilogy made buy bungie about 15 or 16 years ago it picked up where halo 3 left off thats why the wont make another halo cause they did it years ago we even said that jon in halo is the same man in marrathon Ps marrathon is the planet you see after the credits (if you watched them) once you finish the last mission on legendary difficulty PSS pretty sure you can download 1st marrathon game on xbox live PSSS sorry for all the typos

  19. there will be no bungie game titled halo 4 not now not twenty yrs from now never ever ever will we ever make a another halo game

  20. Hello,

    I am an ex Bungie employee I now work with 343 Industries let me tell you a bit about us. We were created mainly to become the careteakers of the Halo Franchise as Bungie have given it to Microsoft and signed a 10 year contract with activition for a new Project and they handed it over to us and we beleive that we would be huge a”holes not to continue the story so we are in the development of Halo 4 due November 2012 and a year before the release we hope to release a Halo Combat Evolved HD Remake, I know it sound unreal but its the truth!

  21. Dear God people, are you all idiots?


    Halo Reach has been out for a while now. That is the latest Halo game.

    There is a rumor going around about making a Halo HD remake. I highly doubt it though.

    342 Industries is now the “new” “Bungie”. It will take care of all things Halo.

    Yes, there can’t be a Halo 4 title. It will continue Halo 3 though, just with a different title.

    Considering we are a large and vast company, we can call it Halo 4 if we choose to. I mean, we can change whatever we want. We DID create Halo.

    But rest assured everyone, there will be a story that follows the events after Halo 3.

  22. Ok fools here is how it goes there WILL be a halo 4 343 INDUSTRIES is making it and thumbs up for the only smart person who figured out it is the planet ONYX chief lands on where the spartan creator Halsey, Spartan trainer Mendez, and original spartans Kelly, Sam, Linda as well as a couple of newly created spartans however these are the last of them for before the chief gets there the covenant invade killing everyone else on the planet! howevr THIS IS NOT TRUE BECAUSE..


    Chief simply landed on a covenant homeworld probably brute and is rescued by human/arbitor forces when the elites continue the war with the brutes!

    ty if you have any questions plz email me at dianeisevil@yahoo.com

    also i do not work for bungie or 343 i just know alot about the predictablitlity of halo :)

  23. tom you do realize that the brute race was almost if not already completly gone right no one sure of their existence anymore

  24. im surprised people are still posting on this.
    1.chances are the will be something that tells us what happened to chief.
    2. chances are we will have to live our lives thinking a fat ass black hole came and chowed down on ship.
    3. world ending on the exact date 21 of december 2012 on the summer solarist, there is a chance in a billion that will happen considering these mayains had no teloscopes.
    4. they never said it ends then its just there calander stops there.

  25. Cheif landed on Marathon. Go play the Marathon Trilogy. Chief is the same guy as in Marathon. Look it up if you dont beleive me.

  26. Guys looks like bill and his odd array of freinds and family were right. 343I has released a trailer for (HALO 4) AT E3/2011 hope your ready for it.

  27. cortana dies in this game and it culd do something with reach because in the ending of reach they get it back……………….. there also culd be clues in halo wars……. and halo legends

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