Halo 4, Start a New Fight – Halo 4 Leak, Halo 4 Screenshots & Information

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So now that Halo 3 is getting old, people are starting to look for the next best thing, which of course will be Halo 4. Though no release date has been set yet, we can all rest assured that Bungie is alreadly deep into the development of Halo 4. After all, they’re not just going to let the biggest video game empire in the history of gaming just fall apart, right? Hell no, Bungie and Microsoft will ride Halo until something better comes along… oh, wait… there is nothing better than Halo. (Except Halo 2, and the only thing better than that is Halo 3, and the only thing that will better than that is Halo 4). But until Halo 4 is released, Halo 3 will reign supreme as the best video game on earth. The only question left to ask, is will Halo 4 be developed for the Xbox 360, or will Bungie and Microsoft combine forces to use Halo 4 to coincide with the launch of the Xbox 3, or the Xbox 720 (who knows what they’re going to call it).

Halo 4 Update

The next Halo (Halo 4) has officially been announced by Bungie. This is not Halo ODST, this next version will be called Halo Reach and will be the next installment of the current Halo Trilogy. Stay tuned for more as we get updates.

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143 thoughts on “Halo 4, Start a New Fight – Halo 4 Leak, Halo 4 Screenshots & Information”


  2. If there is going to be another halo game it wouldn’t be called halo 4, cause the ark was destroyed and the halos are useless.

  3. It should be called Forerunner cause the planet Spartan 117 was floating over looked like a forerunner technology place

  4. Hey This is Bill’s Aunt He told me today that Halo 4: The Awakening will indeed be coming out Spring 2010.

  5. Omfg didn’t I jst say it wasn’t gonna be called halo 4. The halos r fukin useless now, there is no more flood the elites went home and chief is on an unknown planet with who knows wat on it.

  6. They’re gonna put more Spartans in the game, they’re going to be the survivors of Reach. In Halo Wars one of the time line says “… Only Spartan thought to have survived the engagement on Reach.” which concludes that there might be more surviving Spartans

  7. halo 4 is not going to be called halo 4 because of the trilogy its going to be called halo 3 the second chapter.

  8. actually i think it was going to be called halo 3 the final chapter but bungies contract with micosoft expired and have to be resigned

  9. You guys are all idiots. First of all they can’t call it halo 4 because of the trilogy. Second the flood will probaly come because there pissed the profits are dead. Finally master chief will find more spartans in that planet he floated by because its planet onix were a group of spartans got trapped. Dont believe read halo anix ive never read but my friend did.

  10. At least codes got the right idea and I believe the gravemind isn’t actually dead yet, a gravemind is always present so it can control the flood.

  11. cant wait to star in the next Halo woohoo lets go kill some covenant a…
    butt :( cant curse cause it aint the game

  12. Guys,if your were patient you would’ve watched the credits for Halo 3,at the end there is a scene possibly setting up Halo 4,if you beat Halo 3 already,just go back to the last level and beat it again,wait till end of credits and see for yourself……..

  13. I’m Bill’s secret lover and Bill told me that there was going to be a Halo 4 soon… I was told this as me and Bill made “love” and guys never lie while they are fucking their chicka right? ? ?
    so I know there is a Halo 4 to come…

  14. wow you all are gay
    1. the world will not end in 2012
    2. There will be halo 4
    3. I contacted bungie and they said this was all a load of crap!!!
    4. Bill does not work for bungie and if any halo info is released you get finedd 5,000 bucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. I’m really just a complete retard who sucks nut’s! Yes the world will end in January 2012, but there will be no Halo 4. I did not contact Bungie, I am bungie! Did I say 5,000 dollars I ment 5,000 ass munchies! Sorry guys, I don’t mean to suck so much nut’s!

  16. You lie you do , I just got me a copy from my secret daddy and it was sooooooooo good , I played as Spartan 69 and the game is called Halo 4 Return of the SIST . It was so good as I killed the level bosses first time and was so impressed with the end sequence cos I killed your mumma and that was the hardest bit of all of it .

    Love you secret daddy

  17. Yes Spartan 69 goes around fucking mom’s. And I’m a three toad pig fucker! Wow Bungie hates Zach! Their so cool! Their so cool that their gonna come out with Halo 3 Reach and Odst!!!

  18. Oh yeah i was scrolling on youtube like 2 years ago and found a video the weeird thing is halo 9 is the last halo i think realeased in 2032 and in the 2020’s there will be a halo day said the video and i was like what the hell but i think halo will go on forever or until the 3000’s thaz what i think.

    Contact me at trentonmoore5@yahho.com thankz for readin thiz

  19. you think if they run a new halo 4, any chance they could spin it so that Captain Cutter comes across John 117 and his half a ship since it was sending out a rescue beacon. Then John 117 can meet up with the other spartans, break dance and gang bang the scientist chick…..but with Captain Cutter aprroval….cause he smashes that everynight.

  20. I’m “Okay Bill”, and well the Real “Bill” is insane. He runs this whole website of him and his fake “Halo 4”. As we know it is not Halo 4 but… Halo Reach, Halo Reach is a earlier time before Halo 3 and Halo 1. This is before all (the oldest time yet). As far as I know they were aiming to be before Odst but that is not possible if they do not have the same cars and armor. I have already played Halo Reach, and so far it is a improvement (I like it a lot)! Yes I am a Bungie member and I can fill you in on release dates and how the gaming experience is like. So for all the real people on here who wants to know about I am free to tell. Yes I might get fired for this but I really don’t care. I don’t like Bungie anymore. So that’s all, if you want to learn more just post more comments.

  21. Is Bungie talking about movie making with Steven Spielberg in 2012? or is that one crushed too?

    Does bungie plan on actually ending any type of Halo Game including different aspects like ODST after reach comes out?

  22. i’ve seen some rumors that say they already are thinking about halo 5!
    i’ll bet anyone of you 5,000 that halo is the most successful game series in the world. I LOVE HALO!!!

  23. bills ballsack can tell you that halo 4 will be amazing with new and crazy graphics showing master chiefs ballsack and his amazing titties

  24. Halo4 sould out between 2011 and 2012 during new Xbox720.

    the reason people want to know when halo4 is out..

    and the rest number and year date halo5 2016, halo6 2021, halo7 2025…

    The way HALO is the best world ever…

  25. that picture is fake theres not gonna be a halo 4 and theres not gonna be a 5 or a 6 or a 7! jeez theres a new game comin out this year spring called halo reach

  26. well u have to look at bungie say bc they r not show picture it kind of fake…. but it only the way say start another fight mean he had to save earth or new plant it kind of zomble plant

  27. wow,u are all so stupid,here it is febuary 7 and there still is no halo 4, there will be one but not anytime soon,and for the fags that said it was comin out july 14 of LAST YEAR,all i got to say is to stay on ur meds and give simeone else the key to ur straight jacket

  28. If they do run a new Halo 4 to continue the series. Would you think that he would come across the forerunners? Since Halo 3 left him next to what appeared to be a forerunner planet? For some reason I just keep leaning this way. I mean the forerunners could of somehow stayed alive but wanted to leave the imprint that they are dead. Another reason i think that the forerunners would have a connection to “humans” is because out of all sential beings humans are the only ones that can create and think for themselves. The covenant can only use what they get pretty much. I dont know, it would seem to tie alot of things together. Yes, I dont know who the enemy would be im sure with forerunner tech they would be able to make cortana live longer than the 7 to 9 years they said AI’s live to be. What ever, I know im going to get slammed on this post. LOL

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