Radio Gas Deal – How is Saving Money at the Pump for America

Basically, the way this works is you join the site by submitting your personal information, name, address, etc. Once you’ve submitted your information, you’ll have to fill out and complete some merchant promotions in order to receive any sort of opportunities for gas cards and/or any other type of rebates that they may be offering. Check out these other posts for a little more information on Radio Gas Deal – America’s Gas Relief Program.

Would I endorse this program, no. I’m sure there are plenty of other sites and options out there to receive free gas cards for filling out surveys and/or signing up for offers from merchants. Especially considering the fact that has no history, the domain was initially registered on June 15, 2008, so as of this post, they’ve only been around for 9 days… expect many more of these sites to popup too!

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