Firefox 3 – Maintain Image Height & Width for Broken Images

For some reason, Firefox 3 doesn’t maintain the height and width of an image through the dimensions set in the image tag. Any missing images or broken images are simply not displayed if there is no ALT or TITLE tag specified. If the ALT or TITLE tag is specified, then Firefox simply displays the value of the tag, but does not retain the height and width of the image as set in the tag.

I’ve been looking for a fix to this problem, and I thought I found it when I read that you can do the following:

  1. Type about:config into the Firefox address bar.
  2. Type image into the filter bar.
  3. Make sure the browser.display.show_image_placeholder option is set to true. This value can be changed by double-clicking it.

I’ve tried this fix, but have had no luck getting images to retain their size. If anyone knows how to fix this problem, please post a comment and share it with the world! Thanks!

One thought on “Firefox 3 – Maintain Image Height & Width for Broken Images”

  1. I too would like an answer to this question, expect from a website developer standpoint. I like to give my images a CSS background image. These background images for images typically consist of a border and a logo, so that if the image is missing, then the site logo is displayed in its place. However, all of that is lost when firefox decides to simply remove the image.

    Any help?

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