Firefox Crashing – Mozilla Crash Reporter – Firefox had a problem and crashed.

I don’t know what is going on, but ever since I installed Firefox 3, it has been crashing occasionally. From time to time, when I shut it down, I get the Mozilla Crash Reporter window popping up. Has anyone else encountered this problem? Any suggestions? Here’s a screenshot of the Mozilla Crash Reporter that appears when Firefox Crashes

Firefox Crashing - Mozilla Crash Reporter

And here’s the text that I see within the Mozilla Firefox Crash Reporter window:

We’re Sorry
Firefox had a problem and crashed. We’ll try to restore your tabs and windows when it restarts.

To help us diagnose and fix the problem, you can send us a crash report.

[OPTION] Tell Mozilla about this crash so they can fix it.

[OPTION] Include the address of the page I was on

[OPTION] Email me when more information is available

Your crash report will be submitted before you quit or restart Firefox.

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  1. I followed Hans suggestion:
    1) Start Firefox in safe mode[Start->All Programs->Mozilla Firefox->Mozilla Firefox (Safe Mode)]
    2)Disable all plugins and extensions on startup
    Firefox 3.5.1 started normally with addins disabled.
    I clicked Tools->add on and re-enabled the add on I know were OK.

    I belive I installed a software package that installed an incompatable plugin that caused Firefox to start crashing.

  2. Just when you get something great BOOM it explodes – I was GLAD to get rid of IE and Netscrap was a bother as well and now look *sigh* nothing lasts

  3. Opera is the most reliable browser. Firefox is just so messed up I will eventually get rid of it. It really pisses me off.

    I dont want to go to IE because I dont trust microsoft 😉

  4. I HATE FF! It has been crashing isnce the last upgrade. I contacted FF support and the dang guy ws so techincal I had no clue what he was trying to get me to do.

    Mozilla needs to fix this.

  5. I want to just throw in that my FireFox closes and pulls up crash reporter when I try to load a new page. Not when I close it, or whatever. And It won’t let me actually send a report in either.

    It does not crash on one single site.
    But just for the sake of an example; say I’m on a forum, and I click the link to page 2 or whatever, it crashes.
    Or if I’m on like, facebook or myspace, and I click the home button or a link to view friends or something, it crashes.
    It crashed once when I was loading Yahoo! answers page.

    Just stuff like that~ And its pretty frequent, and irritating!

  6. I don’t know why there are so many entries!

    Read Entry3 from WickeD

    1) Start Firefox in safe mode[Start->All Programs->Mozilla Firefox->Mozilla Firefox (Safe Mode)]
    2)Disable all plugins and extensions

    Thanks WickeD!!!!!

  7. Found the solution to the crash report keeping popping up! :) I think its because of vista, because if I run as admin it works =D

  8. I wonder Who is incharge FIREFOX company software today ? After so many crash , problems and complains , how come nobody seems care and even try to fix the problems? Don’t they know people are moving away from them?
    Many computer company died that way soon !!!

  9. Starting apparently with the 3+ versions, Firefox has been crashing every day or two. If it weren’t for all the addons that I depend on, I would use IE8 instead because it doesn’t crash. Please fix this.

  10. It’s not Vista. I don’t have Vista on any of my systems and I’m still getting the windows error box come up saying Firefox has a problem and needs to close.

    I still use XP. Could this be a Windows Update problem. For me, this started mid-August 2009. I seem to have more problems after a Windows Update “fix”.

  11. same problems as everyone else, only that it happens way to often for me. i had no problems or complains at all with version 2. but ever since i switched to version 3 (which was already plenty time since it was released. the bugs should have got fixed already…) it’s been crashing constantly. moreover once it crashes, it won’t stop until you restart both comp and starts new session. every time i try to restore the tabs i worked on, it crashes in less then 30 seconds. what’s more, i had problems with quiting as well. like it won’t let me quit, or when i try to quit, i have to force quit the program every time.

    it’s sad but i gotta say i’d even go with IE if this problem continues. disable addons by using the safe thingy? tried it. nothing changes at all. report it? done it dozens of times. no reply, no fix (you know the place where you put email in crash reporter thingy?)

  12. Same problem as everyone and on top of that I have a viste Ultima computer but it was free. Now I cannot even open Firefox without it crashing. I hope Firefox gets its problem fixed I had to go to Internet Explorer and Opera. I hope Firefox gets over its problems I really like using it but for now: see you later FIREFOX / CHASH-FOX

  13. can you help me to use a mozilla..becoz my comp has problem in using this mozilla me remove the mozilla crash reporter !..thank u !

  14. At the mozila icon (right klik), Properties, Open File Location, Prass Shift+delete At the folder of Mozilla Firefox, Than Install it again.

    it’s Work on my computer (it’s like installing from the first time).

    Good Luck

  15. Dude Just Try to Uninstall all the Mozilla
    -> Right klik at Mozilla
    -> Klik the properties
    -> Klik Open File location
    -> You will in the mozilla folder
    -> Prass Shift+Delete at Mozilla Firefox folder than Delete it
    -> after succsed, Install the mozilla again.

    Don’t use the ordinary uninstall, the crash report will appear again.
    it’s work on my Vista.

  16. I too had the same problem….I am using Firefox version 3.5.3, and don’t have too many plug ins. Do we have fix for this issue?

  17. FireFox ALWAYS crashes after I start playing any sort of flash game. Any kind of flash game it crashes after a couple of minutes of play. I am not talking about every now and then, I am saying every time. Do you know how annoying it its to restart a game say 35 times now? I disabled all plugins and still same.

  18. i had the error message, firefox had a problem and crash blah blah blah. i found it was my AVG addon, which i didn’t really care for in the first place. go into safe mode and disable all addons and if it works you can go through and systematiclly see if what addon it is. if you have avg, it might be the same for you as it was me. hope this helps anyone.

  19. I have been having the same problems for 2 weeks now. I even had my computer completely cleaned and Windows XP Home reinstalled just this past Monday and still the same problem. It does not matter what I am on. I can even just be going to the Firefox homepage after turning on my computer and here comes the crash. I do not have anything downloaded except my Norton 2010, my webcam and HP printer. So what gives? They have all my reports and still nothing yet. And yes, I did not notice the problem until I loaded the new version of Firefox!

  20. I think I will also use the term “I used to be using firefox”… This crash report thing is really repelling to my taste. Poor Firefox, I thought it’s better than IE…

  21. I’ve had the crash reporter problem for a long time. FF3 works sometimes but mostly crashes. The solution to this problem is uninstall FF and re-install it then immediately go to Tools menu, click Add-ons, click Plugins and disable everything in the list. Do the same under the Extensions option. So far no crashes but if there is, I’ll give a shout out.

  22. what’s happening to firefox… i keeps on crashing everytime I download a file. It crashed I think for about 10 just for this day… how come they haven’t made a modification for this specific problem. I irritates me alot. FF is a good program except for this problem. hope they could correct it for the comfort of its users.

  23. Firefox (3.5) is driving me crazy! It refuses to open, yet when I check on my laptop tast manager, I find that it is actually running. Where is Firefox??? I have uninstalled it and re-installed it but to no avail! Help, I can’t stand IE!

  24. Hi, I fixed this problem by renaming firefox folders after uninstall

    Documents and Settings\*user*\Application Data\Mozilla
    Documents and Settings\*user*\Local Settings\Application Data\Mozilla

    When uninstalling I did not checked box “remove personal data” to save and restore bookmarks.
    Then install Firefox. Restore bookmarks from renamed folder, use menu: bookmarks/organize bookmarks/import and backup.

    Firefox is working, bookmarks restored.

    Before the crash start to appear I was uninstalling some programs to free system disk space.

  25. Hi, I’ve fixed mine.
    You should use Mozilla Firefox (Safe Mode).
    Just select necessary options while starting and it will be done.


  26. Thank You WickeD I followed your advice:
    1) Start Firefox in safe mode[Start->All Programs->Mozilla Firefox->Mozilla Firefox (Safe Mode)]
    2)Disable all plugins and extensions

    Uninstall or Disable all Extensions.

    It has been a long time since my browser started in a timely manner.

  27. it`s always happen with me when i run serch in google or yahoo or MSN
    only in the regulr search i try image search and nothing happend
    i see it every time but with any other website everything is fine

  28. Its pretty bad when your running a Gigabyte with a Phenom II x4 with a Xigmatek cooler and 4Gb DDR2 and doing nothing with only 3 tabs going in firefox and suddenly your browser crashes? HELLO CRASHES? Yet I can run pretty intense graphics game despite all its coding and programming that went into the game and no bad behaviour like firefox does!

    Thinking back I could run IE browser back in 2002 on an Athlon socket A PC with 8 tabs of crap with popups flying around and it wouldn’t even do that. So what gives here with our faviorite browser?

    Mind you this is a clean install of Windows 7 32bit that had been installed just a few days ago on a formatted HD as well.

  29. i think i know what the solutions is. i removed my video card and used the built-in instead. then i reinstalled my windows.

  30. well i think it is all happening with this version of firefox and is really disappointing,i am fed up too with this and now instead use Flock as an alternate to Firefox,its kind of good….Sorry cudnt com up with any solutions as many wud hav expexted.

  31. Hi to everyone. I could not read all the comments about that “little” issue and therefore I can not promise that I would be repeating someone.
    Well I have found a solution-ish.
    Firefox was crushing on a specific web site which was quite annoying.
    Well I checked all the add-one’s and it turned out to be the Shockwave Flash !!!!!!!!!!!! After disabling it I was able to open that web site but couldn’t see some of the pictures in it.

  32. I couldn’t stand with this (crashing report)…it never stated what is the problem of crashing! Now, it became more serious! Sometimes i’m loading to a page, suddenly, it pop-ups with the crashing report! Then i have to reload again! hate! ….I’m trying to shift to google chrome…i found it user friendly! Actually, i love mozilla so much since it is the fastest browser (my own observation) but now….disappointed. If mozilla cannot recover this problem soon…i think it will lost lost its market share! I’ll be the first!

  33. Hi Friends….

    This error is caused by incompatible Extensions from Firefox 2, as eralier post already said.
    If you got this error then:

    1) Start Firefox in safe mode[Start->All Programs->Mozilla Firefox->Mozilla Firefox (Safe Mode)]
    2)Disable all plugins and extensions

    Uninstall or Disable all Extensions. I had the same problem with Firefox[ error with daemon tools Lite 4.30.0 toolbar]

  34. I never had this Mozilla crash error. Now I have it and don’t know how to get rid of it and to be able to get into ir without the safe mode.
    Could someone please help me Thank you

  35. I never had this Mozilla crash error. Now I have it and don’t know how to get rid of the problem and to be able to get into Mozilla without the safe mode.
    Could someone please help me Thank you

  36. yes God !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i have the same problem exactly making me crazy …whati can do to fix this ????????????????????????????????? plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  37. Sooo I’m having the same issue except it won’t let me restart firefox or quit firefox or open in safe mode!!! WTF!? HELP ME!

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